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To think that I'm failing at life?

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cricketmum84 Thu 14-Mar-19 10:17:15

I'm on anti depressants but still feel depressed. Having crazy amounts of difficulty with my teen son, it's affecting our younger daughter. Ss are Involved I've posted about this all before.

I feel like I've given up. Today both kids have gone to school but I've come home instead of going to work Cos my anxiety is so high. I'm literally shaking. I need to tell work I won't be in today but can't find the right words. I don't know what to do. I just want to go to bed and put my head under the covers and not have to think of anything for a few hours just to have a break.

KingMash Thu 14-Mar-19 10:22:17

You're not failing, it can be really tough bringing up teens flowers

Get an emergency GP appointment and asked to be signed off. Tell work you're unwell and will be seeing the doctor today.

You will get through it

HarrysOwl Thu 14-Mar-19 10:29:59

This will sound harsher on screen than intended, but avoiding work will just make things worse.

I speak from my own experience, which isn't yours, but personally I found I only started getting better when I quit avoiding everything and tackled things head-on.

The stronger the urge to get into bed and shut out the world, the more you desperately need to do the opposite.

It's shit, it's hard, it's not fair - but you are stronger than you realise, and you can do it.

MyBoiledEggIsTooSoft Thu 14-Mar-19 10:41:02

How long have you been on anti depressants? They take a few weeks to kick in I believe, so may not have started to work?

Do get an emergency GP appointment. Would it be possible to get on a waiting list for counselling?

Maybe call the Samaritans to have someone to speak to?

As Harry’s say, it may not be the best to be off work, but today seem to be a lost day, so maybe spend it trying to sort out GP and to speak to someone?

cricketmum84 Thu 14-Mar-19 10:48:43

I've been on them since July last year. I seem to muddle on fine for a few weeks then all of a sudden it will just hit me out of the blue and ground me for at least a day or two.

I've got some job hunting to do as I'm in a maternity cover contract that's due to end in April so I'll go get a shower, freshen myself up and do that today instead of wasting the day watching films and eating crap!

Stopandlook Thu 14-Mar-19 10:50:20

Yes the ADs can make you feel more anxious until they start working- have you been on long enough? You need to call the GP. Some bridging medicine may be needed. Hang in there.

Stopandlook Thu 14-Mar-19 10:51:07

Sorry, Cross post. Glad you have a plan.

HarrysOwl Thu 14-Mar-19 11:02:41

I'll go get a shower, freshen myself up and do that today

I'm really chuffed you have a great plan, that took courage. Pat yourself on the back OP, already today is a success smile

rumptifizzer Thu 14-Mar-19 11:16:51

You are not failing, life is failing you. Please go back to your GP and explain what you have here, hopefully they can tweak your medication or offer some support.

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