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To find the whole passport application thing bewildering?

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twolittleboysonetiredmum Wed 13-Mar-19 22:10:49

It’s a sneaky way to get some traffic as I’ve no idea what to do.
Trying to get 3 child passports for the first time. Had photos done at a Max spielmann to make sure they were ok.
Did first child application and it said something about outline of head not being picked up but I could submit anyway. I did as stupidly assumed as I’d had them taken and they’d checked on their gov access that it’d be ok.
Did second child and that was fine which then made me doubt my previous actions with first child’s.
Rang passport people who told me I could edit it and get a new photo. Great
Went back to shop to get first and third child’s photos redone (as third child’s also didn’t pass but I didn’t submit that one)
Tried to redo third child’s and it’s failed the automated check again despite having passed theirs on gov system.
What do I do? Repeatedly go back for photos even though they’re passing there? Or will an actual person check if I submit anyway and approve it hopefully?
Both photos are to do with outline of head if that helps.
Can I edit first child’s and I’m just being thick? Person hasn’t confirmed his identity or anything yet as I asked them not to

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:15:02

If you do an online application using a tablet or phone then you can upload a photo from your device as part of the application process.

citykat Wed 13-Mar-19 22:19:48

I took a photo on phone and when uploaded it said 'possible shadow' or some such but it looked ok to me so carried on and it was fine. Less than 2 weeks from sending to getting new one. Maybe you can't do first passport online? Mine was a renewal.

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:22:01

You can do a first passport online

Babydreamer1 Wed 13-Mar-19 22:32:34

I took DS's to the post office and did check and send. It's a million times easier than online and costs £8. They have a template to check the photos. I received the passport in 8 days. This was last week.

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:40:54

Online is much cheaper than using a paper form. I would never pay for check and send either which makes it even more expensive

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:42:25

It's about £10 cheaper to apply online plus you save the £8 check and send fee

Pinkbells Wed 13-Mar-19 22:47:49

Use a decent photographic studio then use check and send at the Post Office. We've never had any issues from the Passport office this way. Need to do it again now because of Brexit and the 6-months-possible-issue hmm

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:51:04

It's very easy to do it online. I did 3 renewals on Sunday. You fill in the details online, take a photo with your phone and then get given the details to send your supporting documents to. It gets paid for straight away too with no need to stand in a post office queue

Thankfuckitsfriday1 Wed 13-Mar-19 22:51:17

I didn’t think you could do online as you need a counter signature?

Anyway I took both my kids photos at home myself, plain white background (we used our wall!) and someone behind me distracting the kid smile both were 1.5 when we did theirs and the rules aren’t that strict with babies (read them up).

Or timpsons are really good too if you have one near you?

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:53:38

It's all changed and you can apply online. The child's identity can be confirmed by email.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Thu 14-Mar-19 06:05:19

Thanks for the replies. You can definitely do it online as that’s what I’m doing. I have been to a photo place and had them done properly. I didn’t realise the post office offered a checking service but I’m a bit far in now.
citykat - with the photo shadow - did you fill in the box when you said you wanted to submit anyway and it was still ok? I’m wondering if that means someone will check it and then they’ll email if it definitely isn’t ok than having to keep tying to get it redone

hoorayforharoldlloyd Thu 14-Mar-19 06:14:30

Frustratingly the online system rejected my baby's photo as his eyes are shut - even though this is fine as he's under 1. So if they are very young, I would use the post office.

DonPablo Thu 14-Mar-19 06:15:14

I'll tell you my experience. I too paid for max spielman photos for my ds's first passport. And a renewal for me and ds1. All went through fine, despite the post office man saying the photos weren't great.

Dh knew better and wasn't going to spend the tenner on max spielman photos. He sent off his self taken photo and it was rejected (ha!) but all the passport office did was pause his application for a week until he submitted a correct photo. So he went to max spielman and got one done...

So I'd stick the applications in and see what happens, you've done all the right things and had the photos taken by a company that guarantees them, so if you have to get new ones done you can.

Stylinit Thu 14-Mar-19 06:24:00

Even if they do reject the photo you’ll just need to send a new one I think? So you might as well send it off and see what comes back; they may well accept it. Also you can just take the pictures at home - we did our dc’s by lying them down on a sheet. Easier than trekking back & forth to a shop.

AlwaysCheddar Thu 14-Mar-19 06:32:42

Take the photo yourself!

dementedpixie Thu 14-Mar-19 06:44:43

You can't use the post office check and send for an online application. That's for paper applications.

remainymcremainface Thu 14-Mar-19 06:52:39

I just renewed my 11 year old's and it said photos for under 12's have to be countersigned and wouldn't accept an electronic version of photo.

Ludicrous that rules for a first passport are more relaxed than a renewal! confused

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