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Ds's (11) teeth not coming through - any dental people around?

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stillpinching Wed 13-Mar-19 22:03:37

Dentist has taken an x-ray and said to wait and see what the orthodontist says but there are no appointments until September. Should I be worried and trying to get an earlier one/go private? I've obviously had a Google but can't really see that any of it applies to him. It must be some towards the back as we weren't aware there was a problem.

Any info would be great...

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:06:41

Are there adult teeth in the gums?

RandomlyChosenName Wed 13-Mar-19 22:06:54

Which teeth? Any adult teeth or has he got some of his adult teeth?

stillpinching Wed 13-Mar-19 22:10:00

Not sure exactly which but must be towards the back - he has plenty! No idea if they are in the gums.

dementedpixie Wed 13-Mar-19 22:10:59

Can you not ask the dentist ?

stillpinching Wed 13-Mar-19 22:15:55

Well, not really - at the appointment she was wanting to wait and see what the x-ray revealed and what the orthodontist made of it. She didn't actually read the x-ray - we had to leave as soon as it was done. I didn't expect to have to wait 6 months to have to see one...

HurtleTurtle30 Wed 13-Mar-19 22:18:03

Not a dentist but my boy has his two teeth missing either side of his front two teeth. He just doesn’t have them. Referred to orthodontist, he has a brace which will move his pointy ones ( no idea what they are called) back to make space for the two missing teeth, had a gap in his two front teeth too, then will have 2 dentures to replace the missing ones. No drama, I don’t see the need to go private, the NHS dentist and orthodontist are doing a fantastic job with my boy. His teeth are minus, well those that aren’t missing.

HurtleTurtle30 Wed 13-Mar-19 22:18:55

By the way they advised 12 month wait for my son, he got a letter and appointment within a month.

stillpinching Wed 13-Mar-19 22:24:51

Thanks Hurtle, that's reassuring to know. The appointment is booked so will definitely be in 6 months but I certainly don't want to go private just for the sake of it.

cornishpixue Wed 13-Mar-19 22:27:58

My DS has 4 adult teeth missing. He's had the 4 baby teeth taken out and braces fitted to move teeth to fill gaps, although worrying to start with, all very simple and gaps starting to close already.

anniehm Wed 13-Mar-19 22:29:04

My dd didn't get front adult teeth until 9, had final baby teeth removed at 16 (adult teeth were present but only just rupturing) she's been late most development, only stopped growing at 18, periods at 17. It's not a race. Consultation with orthodontist was a waste of petrol, said wait and see

Blobby10 Wed 13-Mar-19 22:31:27

Ten years ago our nhs dentist wouldn’t give out eldest much needed braces until all his adult teeth had come through . Took til he was 15 then had to have four adult teeth taken out before braces fitted. Seemed s bit daft to wait all that time but that’s what he said had to Happen

RandomlyChosenName Wed 13-Mar-19 22:34:02

My child and my friend's child (same age as yours) don't have a full set of adult teeth yet either. I don't think it's unusual or anything to worry about at the age of 11.

There is also a big gap of several years between getting the front adult teeth and getting the others. Apparently perfectly normal.

When you dentist referred you, did they say what they thought the problem was as it doesn't sound like there is one from what you've posted.

itsboiledeggsagain Wed 13-Mar-19 22:37:25

Not quite the same but my dd has her front teeth stuck in her gums. Have been there since last summer. Dentist said he would do an xray next time. Any clues why this is and what next?

She is 7. Dh has crazy teeth, I think she has got unlucky

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