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How often do you fall over?

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clairemcnam Wed 13-Mar-19 12:45:44

Just curious really. I have been surprised to the response about falling down stairs.
I fall over every few months, and always have. This ranges from tripping up and falling over on the pavement, to every few years falling all the way down stairs. I have been like this my whole life so I am not worried there is anything wrong. Just wondering if this is unusual?

DustyMaiden Wed 13-Mar-19 12:48:10

I used to be like that, I had a B12 deficiency since it has been treated I haven’t fallen for 3 years.

clairemcnam Wed 13-Mar-19 12:50:27

But surely I would not have had that all my life?

LouiseCollins28 Wed 13-Mar-19 12:50:51

Happens every once in a while to me. Actually nearly happened to me this morning and yesterday (though that was more like nearly getting blown over, that one!) I walk quite a lot so guess at statistically higher risk of falls outside, plus it's been winter and there are always more then IMO.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Wed 13-Mar-19 12:51:16

Hardly ever fall over. It would be really unusual for me. That said, I skidded down a banking on some mud yesterday which my DS thought was hilarious but I guess that's more an 'environmental' kind of fall, rather than 'me' falling if that makes sense?

Alsohuman Wed 13-Mar-19 12:51:41

I’ve been like it all my life. I’m clumsy.

clairemcnam Wed 13-Mar-19 12:52:09

I go walking as well, maybe it does go with being more active?

caughtinanet Wed 13-Mar-19 12:53:12

Never unless for a specific reason like slipping on a muddy hill or something like that. It's not ususal to fall over imo

Oysterbabe Wed 13-Mar-19 12:53:25

I can't remember the last time I fell over. It certainly wasn't this year. No more often than every 6 months and then it's probably tripping over a kids toy they've planted to try and finish me off.

WinterHeatWave Wed 13-Mar-19 12:54:17

Stumble over my toes, and have to do some quick footwork to stay upright, once every couple of months.
Actually end up on the floor?? I cant remember a time as an adult other than heavily pregnant, trying to grab the toddler out of a big wave, and both of us ending up in the sea.......
I have, however, walked into a very big glass window that I thought was the door to the shop blush

clairemcnam Wed 13-Mar-19 12:54:21

Alsohuman Me too

iklboo Wed 13-Mar-19 12:55:00

I've got Ménière's disease so once a week is a good week.

SmarmyMrMime Wed 13-Mar-19 12:55:44

Very little. I do cross-country running and am good at finding my balance if I stumble.

I'm not co-ordinated for things like throwing/ catching, gauging depth between car mirrors.

I put it down to small feet and strong feet ankles!

My DCs are quite stable on their feet too.

pippistrelle Wed 13-Mar-19 12:56:33

More often than I'd like. I don't consider myself clumsy but I think I don't have very good balance.

Also, banana skins actually are slippery.

Ohyesiam Wed 13-Mar-19 12:56:47

I walk, dance and do exercise classes and yoga. I last fell a few years ago.

eurochick Wed 13-Mar-19 12:57:14

I fell doing a tricky yoga balance at the start of the year but I'm not sure that counts. Before that, about 3 years ago when I slipped in the shower and ended up in a heap at the other end of the bathroom!

I think that your level of falls seems quite a lot for an adult.

MakeMineALarge1 Wed 13-Mar-19 12:57:36

All the bloody time, going upstairs I regualarly trip up, also If I go for a walk its not unusual for me to fall over, I don't think I pick my feed up so I tend to catch the front of my boot on a stone and over I go.

PRoseLegend Wed 13-Mar-19 13:06:50

Too damn much.
Last time I fell and hit the floor was a week before giving birth.
But slips and trips where I manage to catch myself before ending up on the ground happen at least fortnightly, and injuries where I bang my shin or stub my toe or jam my fingers in something occur at least 3 times a week.

CanIGoToBedNow Wed 13-Mar-19 13:12:13

Quite a bit as I have hyper mobility.... once I go over on my ankle I can keep going over on it 3 or 4 times Day... tis annoying.

I’ll be fine then just drop like stone - it can be very embarrassing

LondonJax Wed 13-Mar-19 13:14:22

Rarely hit the floor. I probably stub my toe once every six months or so. I do trip in the street sometimes (less than once a month) but gain my balance pretty quickly. The last time I actually fell over in the street was twenty years ago. I had slippery soled shoes on and was running for the bus. I've skidded on a wet floor at home and hit the deck but that was over a year ago.

lubeybooby Wed 13-Mar-19 13:15:59

Extremely rare thankfully. Probably once every 5 or more years

soulrunner Wed 13-Mar-19 13:23:55

I’ve had a couple of spectacular trail running wipe outs but that’s pretty usual on the terrain I run.

One other possibility is degenerative tunnel vision. My bff has this- didn’t realise till she was 40. She falls over all the time because her brain can’t cope with not being able to see what’s right in front of her on the ground. It’s quite rare though.

Chouetted Wed 13-Mar-19 13:23:55

I was really surprised by that thread too - I don't fall down the stairs very often, but that's only because of the extra handrail I have installed to prevent it grin

I fall over fairly frequently, and wouldn't want any attention unless I was unable to get up or something dramatic like that.

If other people fall over, I don't fuss over them - I check they're still conscious and breathing and then let them have space to get over the embarrassment of it all If they need first aid or someone to dial 999, that's a different matter.

I have dyspraxia, and I think some proprioception issues.

Crowdo Wed 13-Mar-19 13:26:16

I'm short and have good balance. But that doesn't stop me from tripping.

ColeHawlins Wed 13-Mar-19 13:34:05

Too much but I have known issues.

Is it that you're tripping over things (maybe a gait issue) or that your balance is poor, or a bit of both?

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