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Aibu with this?

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cantbloodywineitherway Wed 13-Mar-19 00:26:49

Not been getting on with my partner, ( ex ) for some time now, we have talked about splitting up etc, as most conversations like that go it gets a bit heated!! Anyway so I said to him that I wouldn't be happy to let dd go with him for a whole day/ night because I've only ever left her for an hour or so at a time only a handful of times, and I thought she'd need to do it for a few hours etc before going for longer as she looks for me when I'm not around and don't want her to think I've left and not coming back!! he went on and on about I won't let him have her etc so tonight I said I was going out and that he could spend some decent time with our lo ( we still live together but separate rooms ) he then said he didn't want me to go out, and that I'm taking it to the extreme, he sent me messages whilst I was out ( dd was only up for 45 mins before going to bed ) I was out for 3 hours max! He sent me messages saying he didn't want me to go out and he didn't mean it like that, dd misses me and doesn't want me to go out!! So what do I do, I get moaned at and told I won't let him have her but when I do that's wrong too!! Sorry to ramble I'm so stressed and can't sleep!!

bridgetreilly Wed 13-Mar-19 00:30:59


Is he your partner or your ex?
How old is your dd?
Are you as incoherent with him as you are in this post?

cantbloodywineitherway Wed 13-Mar-19 00:34:48

We've recently split, still live in the same house at the mo. Dd is 16 months

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