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High profile celebs paying to get their kids into college

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sleepalldays Tue 12-Mar-19 21:47:33

I'm absolutely shocked! I've watched Olivia Jade on YouTube for a while now (Lori Loughlin's daughter) and her mother paid $500,000 EACH to get both her daughters into high profile US colleges. They faked SAT results by getting someone to take them for her daughter & faked her being a student athlete to help her get in.

It's disgusting, I really hope the parents will all be made an example of and jailed as well as the kids having their place taken away at the colleges & boycotted by brands.

More here:

Vulpine Tue 12-Mar-19 21:49:03

Yep it's fucked up

sleepalldays Tue 12-Mar-19 21:50:40

@Vulpine sick thing is, it's probably happened for years but is only just coming out. It's awful as it takes places away from kids who would have made the entry criteria themselves with their own work and intelligence!

Olivia jade has also openly said she doesn't care about learning and only wants to go to college for parties and the football game nights.

shitpark Tue 12-Mar-19 21:52:03

Not exactly shocking though is it?
Nepotism and bribery is a long standing tradition, not just in the US but also in the UK. How else would thick as fuck Royals and Eton educated fuckwits make it to Oxbridge

sleepalldays Tue 12-Mar-19 21:56:19

@shitpark truesad I guess it really shows that money can buy you anything. I hope they get made an example of though and jailed- and the kids get expelled.

sleepalldays Tue 12-Mar-19 21:57:39

It hits me hard as I'm 20 (so similar age to Lori's daughter) and finding it hard to get into a good uni myself! (As well as trying not to think about the money I'll get that won't cover living there). Oh well, at least if I get into one I'll know it's on my own merit💪🏻

EstrellaDamn Tue 12-Mar-19 22:06:52

It's always happened. Former (rich) alumni giving 'donations' and then, magically, their not-particularly-academic kid gets a place.

Stuckforthefourthtime Tue 12-Mar-19 22:13:34

Royals don't make it to Oxbridge though, these days, and not many stupid kids make it to Eton.

There are still huge issues with unis here failing to take into account that an ABB from a child in foster care in a crap area is better than all A* from a major public school - and some dodgy MA acceptances from people who just happens to be great at rowing or rugby - but that's separate from nepotism.
It's not like the US where there is actually a section on the Harvard application to fill in your family members who have also attended. How on earth that should be a pro I do not understand.

thedisorganisedmum Tue 12-Mar-19 22:15:57

Royals don't make it to Oxbridge though, these days
give it 12 year or so and we'll see!

TurquoiseDress Thu 21-Mar-19 18:01:11

Not sure how I've just seen this now- utterly outrageous!

I suppose that I'm so naive to think that everyone here in the UK gets into university on merit...

7yo7yo Thu 21-Mar-19 18:16:12

I agree it’s disgusting but I put myself if their parents shoes.
I would be a liar if I said I wouldn’t use money or contacts to get my kids into a better school/college/uni/job.
Probably wouldn’t go as far as bribery but if any of you were offered a choice for your children between a low ranked uni and an oxbridge place what would you do? And it’s only because you know the dean that your offered a place. He’ll “pull a few strings.”
Cus I’m damn sure I’d tell my child to take the place at oxbridge.

StealthPolarBear Thu 21-Mar-19 18:20:27

But this was fraud. Cheating on a test. I'd use connections I'd pull strings but this crosses a line

7yo7yo Thu 21-Mar-19 18:28:58

@StealthPolarBear that’s true.
I wouldn’t have the gall to cheat.

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