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To be completely fed up with seeing this

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WburgWanderer Tue 12-Mar-19 19:33:10

It seems like every week I see yet another news article about a woman and her boyfriend killing the woman's young child. I am so f-ing fed up with reading this crap. What is going on? WHY are so many women letting men into their lives who turn them against their own children and then either let the man harm the child or worse participate in it themselves?? It seems never ending. Those poor children.

My mother's sister let this happen, by the way. Had multiple children taken away, one almost died, it was one of the worst cases of abuses seen in our local area. Put my grandmother in an early grave from the stress. My aunt (who we are all obviously NC with!) never went to jail and is completely nonchalant about it, doesn't see how she did anything wrong. She just kept having babies with different men, acquiring new partners, and all the babies were taken away eventually.

I hate people sometimes.

Samind Tue 12-Mar-19 19:36:26

I know what you mean. Similar stories, ive had to stop reading the news if I know where it's leading which is incredibly silly of me as it does happen and people do need to know about it. It's beyond my rational I think which is why I don't understand it at all. I'm sorry for your situation too and it's awful they suffered. I completely see what you're saying. Upsets me a lot!! Think there's maybe more exposure of it too which is probably why we hear/read so much about it.

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