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To think this is a cheeky way to invite someone to a wedding.

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ThereWillBeAdequateFood Tue 12-Mar-19 17:45:19

This is the second time someone’s done this recently.

Received a message from bride to be. “Just checking if you are free on XXXth August”

I replied “I think so, haven’t book a holiday yet.”

She replies “Great that’s our wedding day, so glad you will be able to make it.”

The invite arrives a few weeks later for an evening invite. So I feel committed to the bloomin thing - I’m now meant to sort out holidays and child care around an evening invite to her wedding.

Am I being a bit of a bitch, I feel really annoyed by this.

GrubbyHipsterBeard Wed 13-Mar-19 09:16:06

I agree it was presumptuous OP because she assumes that regardless of what time, where it is, logistics, cost etc you’ll defrinitely think her evening do is worth attending.

Be interesting to see her reply...

redwitch5 Wed 13-Mar-19 10:00:56

If I'm reading this right, and I hope I am, then OP can't go. Darling, ThereWillBe, you haven't actually received an invitation wink
And it's the height of bad manners to show up uninvited. So simply don't go and when she asks later, point out that she never invited you.
Of course this all goes out the window if you receive an invite before August. Then you may accept or decline as you so please.

OffToBedhampton Thu 14-Mar-19 22:58:07

@redwitch I think you read it wrong. OP received an evening wedding invite that she has now replied to. She had texts before that asking if she was free then text effectively saying 'great you can come to my wedding now I know you are free'. And it turned out to be an evening invite
She was bamboozled by an excited bride!

I kinda get her frustration. But also get why the bride might have gotten carried away and how she might want all her groups around her on her special day. OP has already replied to invite declining it. But is worried her acquaintance will try to pin her down when she sees her next on why she can't make it having said she probably had no plans at that time yet on that day (without knowing why).

It appears to be a single person evening invite to a wedding evening quite a distance away in middle of holiday period. I have to say I am not a fan of those, unless it's a close friend and a group of my friends are going, as it can be very lonely. Or it can be great fun!! but expensive to fund childcare, outfit, present, taxis there and back for a distance wedding just for an evening. So I get why OP is baulking at possibly £150+ just for a few hours in an evening and fitting her holidays around it.

A close friend yes, but a less close friend /acquaintance is harder to justify expense for, unless it's something she really was excited to attend!

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