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To think I'm being too hopeful it's a boy lol

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genderprediction Tue 12-Mar-19 14:39:21

So I went for my gender scan last week at 13.3. As she was talking about the scan she referred to the baby as 'baby' mist of the time. But once she said 'he' am I being unreasonable to think on her mind she hazard a guess and was saying 'he' because she thinks it's a he or is this just generic lol

MonteStory Tue 12-Mar-19 14:43:56

If you went for a sex scan were you not told? At 13 weeks it was surely a dating scan?

I think it was probably a slip of the tongue.

genderprediction Tue 12-Mar-19 14:47:33

Sorry should have been more clear. It was a dating scan so no sex is told but as she used 'he' once and rest of the time 'baby' I was wondering if she had an inkling it was a boy lol

llangennith Tue 12-Mar-19 14:49:22

Congratulations whatever the gender😊 You'll know soon enough!

Snowflakes1122 Tue 12-Mar-19 14:49:32

I found out my son was a boy at 13.5 weeks. It was pretty clear even then grin

Became even more clear in later scans.

My fourth, I found out was a girl at 14 weeks. Again, accurate.

I would have had to have ask her why she said ‘he’

AnneLovesGilbert Tue 12-Mar-19 14:49:33

They nearly always refer to the baby at a scan as he. Wouldn’t read anything into it.

CountessVonBoobs Tue 12-Mar-19 14:51:51

They use "he" as a default. It's really quite hard to see what sex a 13 week foetus is most of the time. It doesn't mean anything.

MrsEricBana Tue 12-Mar-19 14:53:07

Don't assume its gender wink

genderprediction Tue 12-Mar-19 14:55:06

Hahah I guess I'm just being daft because I'm hoping it's a boy 😆

fc301 Tue 12-Mar-19 14:56:26

Please be happy for a healthy baby & healthy mum.

NewAccount270219 Tue 12-Mar-19 14:59:09

Apparently they say 'he' as default because it means there can be no confusion over whether they're referring to the baby or the mother (who is obviously 'she').

This is literally the first gender preference thread I have ever seen on Mumsnet where the OP wants a boy!

TillyTheTiger Tue 12-Mar-19 14:59:36

At my 12 week scan the sonographer explained that she would refer to the baby as 'he' regardless what she could see, as she doesn't like calling babies 'it'.

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