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to ask these questions before an interview?

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StarsInHerEyes3 Mon 11-Mar-19 20:54:22

It's not easy for me to get to interviews - I have to beg my boss for short notice annual leave, and lie about why I need it.

So I need to know going is going to be worth my while. While I have the job spec and the basics, I would like to know the salary before potentially wasting my time. We go to work to earn money don't we?

So AIBU to ask for salary details before going to an interview? I would also like to know about annual leave entitlement. If I was offered the job and it was the minimum (20 days), I would turn it down. Surely companies should save everyone's time and give this information before interview?

Skyzalimit Mon 11-Mar-19 21:00:23

It's fine to ask this. Ask the HR dept. If they aren't ok with it, it's not the place for you

BursarsDriedFrogPills Mon 11-Mar-19 21:01:34

Can't hurt to ask. Could you email HR? I wouldn't say that you might not come, but just politely ask your questions.

IncrediblySadToo Mon 11-Mar-19 21:02:02

I wouldn’t go to an interview unless I knew roughly what they were offering. It’s a waste of everyone’s time if it’s not something I’d consider.

BuffaloCauliflower Mon 11-Mar-19 21:04:04

I’ve been on multiple sides of this argument and I generally agree with you, but sometimes there’s good reason not to list it. Usually because the potential salary range is really big and they don’t want to tell people how high theyll go for the perfect person, especially if they end up with someone fine but not perfect.

Do you have a range in mind that you’d be comfortable with? Definitely ask for the holiday allowance and salary range but bear in mind they might be leaving it open because they don’t know how much people might negotiate

PigOnStilts Mon 11-Mar-19 21:04:16

Yeah, this is something that really annoys me. You'l find all sorts of shizz on a spec like " friendly fun vives maaan and each friday you get a free Kale latte and a shot on the communal pogo stick! Yay!"

Yet they're never transparent about salary.
I just end up asking them directly before I apply. do that.

PigOnStilts Mon 11-Mar-19 21:05:28

@buffalocauliflower - yes, but often they never even offer a range which is crazy. I always assume they'd go a further 10% where theres a range listed

BuffaloCauliflower Mon 11-Mar-19 21:19:25

@PigOnStilts it’s not crazy it’s sensible. If a range is offered people will always want the top of the range, even if they’re not at that level yet. If the range is really big those with the top end skills are put off by a bottom number that goes lower than they think they’re worth, and think the business values the role less that they’d take someone at that level.

They also want you to show your hand first - if they’d go up to £40,000 and you ask for £35,000 that’s a win. If you know they’d go up to £40,000 you’ll ask for that, best to do is know what you’re worth, know what the job’s worth and go in high and confident

Sparklesocks Mon 11-Mar-19 21:24:30

I think it’s perfectly reasonable, there’s no point wasting both your time and theirs if the salary isn’t in the right area. I hate when jobs are just advertised as ‘competitive’. Even if you let them know your expectations are X, and is this salary in line with that.

Ellapaella Mon 11-Mar-19 21:47:31

Definitely ask! I wouldn't go for an interview unless I knew what the salary was going to be or what annual leave I would be entitled to. Perfectly reasonable questions.

Fr3d Mon 11-Mar-19 21:54:49

Ask and explain as prepared to say if the pay is below x you are unable to consider it but willing to negotiate if above x depending on requirements etc.

I spent time today ringing people to clarify pay expectation before inviting to an interview, no point wasting both our time

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