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Aibu to ask what you cook in your slow cooker that isn’t stew

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MyKingdomForACaramel Mon 11-Mar-19 14:06:55

Have given into a long temptation and bought a slow cooker. Despite wanting one for ages - now have a bit of a “block” when working out what to cook in it. Have browsed online for inspiration but find that the main food sites don’t have obvious categories and the niche ones are full of bloody ads - so thought I would ask the wisdom of mumsnet.

Owlettele Mon 11-Mar-19 21:02:30

Sausage casserole , veg soup , sausages in onion gravy, baked potatoes, curry, lasagne (awesome lasagne) some things don't taste v.good from slow cooker but it's my life saver on long work days. Pick the kids up and we are all sorted as soon as we come through the door pretty much so I reserve these for my two long work days and nursery pick ups then rotate them weekly

Dinosaursdontgrowontrees Mon 11-Mar-19 21:06:38

For those of you asking about jackets. I have done them a few times. Prick skins. Wrap in foil. Pop in slow cooker for a few hours until done. They taste really nice but are not really like a jacket more like a giant boiled potato. The skin goes soft and thin. You could possibly put them in the oven at the end. Tbh it’s I think it’s easier just to oven cook them.

IHeartMarmiteToast Mon 11-Mar-19 21:30:03

Don't use liners. All that plastic waste! My slow cooker doesn't take much to.clean it's really a good non stick

MilkieBar Mon 11-Mar-19 22:24:16

Vegetarian sausage casserole - love this as it’s a dump n go. Chopped red onion, 6 frozen veggie sausages, tin of tomatoes, chickpeas or cannellini beans, garlic, mushrooms, pepper, spinach... whatever else you have lying around. Chuck it all in in the morning, don’t brown anything - always turns out amazing

Glitterbug76 Mon 11-Mar-19 22:26:10

Chilli using cubed beef
Pulled pork
Chicken curry

fattylawmaker Mon 11-Mar-19 22:28:19

Fab ideas on here smile

I’ve been stuck in a chilli/curry/stew rut with mine!

Lamb shanks are a favourite but going to try some of these ideas, especially the pulled pork.

CheerioHunter Mon 11-Mar-19 22:31:18

Stalking this post.

But (unoriginal) curries and chilli are regulars for us.

Blessingsdragon1 Mon 11-Mar-19 22:43:37


GreyBird84 Mon 11-Mar-19 23:07:36

Black bean
Chicken, vege & chicken soup - ideal with mash or as a pie filling

I don’t like mince in it, I find it goes mushy & a wierd texture.

LonelyandTiredandLow Mon 11-Mar-19 23:27:17

Soy/honey/ginger chicken (great with rice tossed with generous amounts of spring onions)

Boneless chicken thighs (you can sear or grill before serving if you like crispy skin). Bung in sc with 3 dessert spns of honey (6 thighs), cover with dark soy (appx 5 tablespoons), 4 garlic cloves crushed or generous amount of pureed garlic, squeeze of tomato puree (1 - 2 dessert spoons). Cook on low for 2-4 hours (check sauce levels before doing high as can burn but can be done in 1 hr if req'd). Extra yum factor can add dash of sesame oil or sesame seeds at end grin

Never thought of doing a lasagne in mine! Anyone have a good recipe?

TheLoverOfTea Mon 11-Mar-19 23:30:19

Chilli, curry

ArcheryAnnie Mon 11-Mar-19 23:34:25

Whole chicken - stuff it in there on a couple of chopped-up onions. At the end the meat falls off the bone,, so tender and juicy. You don't get as much crispy skin, though.

Rice pudding is AMAZING in the slow cooker.

Baked potatoes.

ArcheryAnnie Mon 11-Mar-19 23:35:36

Oh, and I don't wrap baked potatoes in foil before putting them in. It's unnecessary. Sweet potatoes are good in there, too.

Frazzledbutcalm Tue 12-Mar-19 09:21:37

I have a slow cooker and used it a bit. I makes soups, chilli, meat, etc.
I find things taste much more watery though ....
Meat is delicious though.

BUT, my question ... why is a slow coooker different to doing the same in an oven on slow? That’s what I usually do now and get equal or better results.

Mugglemom Tue 12-Mar-19 11:15:42

I do French dip subs in mine, beef brisket, and pork carnitas (for tacos!). Also chicken tacos, and a delicious sweet potato/chicken tagine (though it is technically a stew).

DrCoconut Tue 12-Mar-19 11:57:14

I had one and was unimpressed. Everything came out as bland over cooked slop. I must be doing something wrong.

onthenaughtystepagain Tue 12-Mar-19 12:00:05

Belly pork slices with apple, sage and cider, lush. Minted breast of lamb, when cooked pour the gunge into a jug with ice cubes and chill to remove the fat leaving a very tasty residue for a sauce.

JingsMahBucket Tue 12-Mar-19 12:21:16

Oooh ratatouille is a good idea @GreyBird84. Thank you.

SarcasticComments Tue 12-Mar-19 12:38:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

FATEdestiny Tue 12-Mar-19 12:40:17

Our dinner tomorrow is a gammon joint cooked in pineapple juice and ginger ale (half and half), on low for 6/8h in slow cooker.

why is a slow coooker different to doing the same in an oven on slow?

It's no different. I feel safer leaving a slow cooker plugged in to cook all day (including when no-one is in) than I would leaving the oven or hob on.

GinisLife Tue 12-Mar-19 12:45:20

Meat joints and whole chicken. 4-6 hours and it just falls apart. Perfect pulled meat

Rice pudding - I use a bottle of Tesco gold top milk and I think an ounce of pudding rice with a bit of sugar. Yum.

BBQ ribs. Fresh ribs and a bottle of good BBQ sauce.

I've got beef stew in in it right now though.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Tue 12-Mar-19 12:51:54

Pulled pork (use a can of ginger beer instead of water wth the spices etc), chicken paprikash - boneless chicken thighs, onions, lots of peppers, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, chicken stock and a shedload of smoked paprika, curries, chilli

mastertomsmum Tue 12-Mar-19 13:11:10

All of them as slow cooker recipes are caseroles

Choctrufflelover Tue 12-Mar-19 13:56:43

Have a look at - lots of lovely recipes!

LynneJones Tue 12-Mar-19 14:19:29

Try Tex Mex Goulash, its yummy, heres the link

Lynne x

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