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Aibu to ask what you cook in your slow cooker that isn’t stew

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MyKingdomForACaramel Mon 11-Mar-19 14:06:55

Have given into a long temptation and bought a slow cooker. Despite wanting one for ages - now have a bit of a “block” when working out what to cook in it. Have browsed online for inspiration but find that the main food sites don’t have obvious categories and the niche ones are full of bloody ads - so thought I would ask the wisdom of mumsnet.

Troels Mon 11-Mar-19 14:22:37

Baked potatoes
Braising steak.

justmyview Mon 11-Mar-19 14:22:56


UbbesPonytail Mon 11-Mar-19 14:23:30

Curry, chilli, porridge, I use it to ‘roast’ joints as there’s never enough room in the oven, and occasionally bread.

Burlea Mon 11-Mar-19 14:23:39

Got a lovely chicken curry in mine at the moment.

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Mon 11-Mar-19 14:24:57

Shamelessly place marking too.

I bought a slow-cooker a year ago and have used it ONCE. Shame on me. Some lovely ideas on here.

trebless Mon 11-Mar-19 14:25:40

I've got a chicken korma cooking in mine at the minute.

Ispywithmycynicaleye Mon 11-Mar-19 14:27:13

I made a leg of lamb with mint herb infused gravy in my slow cooker yesterday.
I also make roast gammon, pork, beef and chicken as the meat comes out so tender and juicy!
I did stop roasting my meat with the veg as I was finding my roasts ended up tasting like carrots and onions and lost the meaty taste. I am open to advice on how to prevent this when cooking with the veg grin

trebless Mon 11-Mar-19 14:27:10

How long do you put jacket potatoes in for? Never thought of doing that

Crabbyandproudofit Mon 11-Mar-19 14:27:25


notsmartenough Mon 11-Mar-19 14:27:46

My slow cooker is still in the box but I bought it because I'd seen a lot of lovely looking fudge recipes online.
And apparently you can make bread in it too!

I must unpack it soon.

trickofthetail1 Mon 11-Mar-19 14:30:38

Chutney works well in the slow cooker, there are lots of recipes on line'

amilosingitor Mon 11-Mar-19 14:33:40

I do chicken chasseur, that's about it!

bluetit101 Mon 11-Mar-19 14:33:45

Curries, spag bol, chilli, pulled pork, joint of meat, whole chicken, jacket potatoes...

zhivagodr Mon 11-Mar-19 14:36:22

Everything!! My favourites are curries, pulled pork and beef stews

vampirethriller Mon 11-Mar-19 14:36:43

Whole chicken
Curried goat
Jacket potatoes (pierce, wrap in foil, no water in slow cooker)

Witchesandwizards Mon 11-Mar-19 14:40:33

Fab for mulled wine - keeps it warm without boiling off the alcohol.

And mine has paid for itself with chicken (or veg) stock. I hate using cubes for the kid's chicken ramen and fresh is so expensive, so I make litres in the slow cooker and freeze it.

Pulled pork is amazing.

Occasionally whole chickens and then brown them off in the oven for 15 mins.

RedForShort Mon 11-Mar-19 14:41:52

Chilli (chuncky type - dont like how mincemeat turns out in the slowcooker). Pot roast.
Any vegetarian dish that involves cooking aubergine.

How do you do jacket spuds? (As in prepare the potato) What sort of skin does it create?

iklboo Mon 11-Mar-19 14:43:23

Peanut butter chicken
Mulled cider grin

ashvivienne Mon 11-Mar-19 14:43:26

Fajitas - chicken, tin chopped tomatoes, red onion and peppers with fajita seasoning. Have it in wraps or with pasta.
Pulled pork just pork shoulder and bbq sauce
Bolognese, chilli, chicken and passatta with basil and Italian seasoning topped with mozzarella and in the oven to melt the cheese.

OftenHangry Mon 11-Mar-19 14:45:25

Duck. And then just crisp it up in the oven. Heavenly!
And you are left with plenty of duck fat. Pop it in a freezer and you have instant flavouring

barbiegrl Mon 11-Mar-19 14:46:42

Whole chicken-or really easy chicken and potatoes which is my go to-cut up the potatoes and place in the slow cooker, add some salt if you like-then cover with pieces of chicken (I usually chuck in chicken thighs with bones in) and on high for 4 hours or low for 7. I do it at least once a week when I have to run around in the afternoon and serve it for dinner with salad-easy roast and good home cooked meal instead of grabbing a takeaway on the way home at the end of the day!

MisterT373 Mon 11-Mar-19 14:57:32

I've got a crockpot and I've done apple and pear crumble once and coconut chicken four times.

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Mon 11-Mar-19 15:02:04

@barbiegrl do you put any oil or sauce in with the chicken and potatoes? I might have to try this!

BingLiveisRubbish Mon 11-Mar-19 15:04:56

Braising Steak

Slice onions thickly, add 2 OXO cubes/stock pot.

Coat Braising Steak in flour then put into dry frying pan that's been on a high heat for a few seconds. Seal each side of each Steak then place into Slow Cooker on top of onions.

Add boiling water to just above the Steaks, making sure they're well covered. .

Add generous glug of Henderson's Relish/Worcestershire Sauce, tiny drop of Balsamic vinegar, Garlic, Salt & pepper, Pinch or two of Sage & any other flavouring you're keen on.

Leave on high for at least 5 hours or on low overnight. (I find overnight is best if done late on a Saturday night for instance. You wake up on a Sunday to the most beautiful aroma!)

Then thicken as you would a Stew (personally I just use either Bisto Gravy Powder or just some granules bashed up with a spoonful of warm water then pour in!) (I know - cheating but 🤷🏼‍♀️ it works!)
Then leave on high for a further 40 mins - 1 hour.


TanselleTooTall Mon 11-Mar-19 15:06:38

Recipes people, please!!


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