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Kitchen screw-up: what's reasonable to ask?

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ThomasRichard Mon 11-Mar-19 12:14:10

Yes, that would fix the boiler issue. The hitch (that I'd forgotten) is that there's also some re-piping work required that the insurance wouldn't cover and then I'd still need to get that done and then installing the new dishwasher, washing machine and sink.

mumwon Mon 11-Mar-19 12:02:42

can on home emergency BUT get plumber to pay excess?

ThomasRichard Mon 11-Mar-19 11:50:12

I'm just too cross to see what's reasonable at this point.

I'm having my kitchen redone and paying an installation company to project-manage it. The plumber came out on the first day and broke our boiler by flushing crap into into without first checking to see if it had a filter (basic mistake that he admitted to). It's been 11 days without hot water and central heating and I finally put my foot down this weekend when then DC kept waking up from being so cold and told the fitter that i didn't want an incompetent plumber in my house and I wanted them to sort it out PDQ. I sent them an email outlining my reasons for being p'd off and they've offered to send the same plumber back tomorrow to sort it out. Apparently they only have the one plumber and that's the only option.

I want to claim on my home emergency cover to get the boiler fixed today and have them pay the excess, or get my own plumber in and they pay the bill, excluding the part that's needed, then find a new plumber to do the final installation work once the kitchen's fitted. Is that reasonable?

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