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to be saddened by all the low level arseholery that so many people seem to have in their family lives....

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BertrandRussell Mon 11-Mar-19 07:17:25

All the “he ate all the chocolate without thinking about sharing” “I mocked him when he sang to our child” sort of stuff.

Just-don’t do it. Obviously i’m not talking about big things-just day to day unkindness and selfishness. That’s not what life should be about.

BasiliskStare Mon 11-Mar-19 11:34:11

I tend to differentiate between the sort of understandable thoughtlessness ( e.g. silly example - let's say I have just tidied up all the shoes because getting fed up of them being left where discarded in a v small house ) and after a hard day at work someone leaves theirs out instead of being put away where in an unaccounted fit of tidying & I have told everyone where they now go but then person says "sorry", & just not thinking how your behaviour is affecting others on a regular basis. ( This post makes my housekeeping sound better than it is BTW )
Also what is nice is to open the fridge and shout up - "does anyone mind if I have the last x" - silly examples and low level in the extreme but I sort of get your point @BertrandRussell. I can deal with low level stuff if occasional and if reasonable someone says sorry. I don't expect everyone to be perfect ( I'm not - by a long chalk - general thoughtfulness and apologies every so often go a long way in my book from me as well as everyone else for the avoidance of doubt - I am far from perfect. )

BasiliskStare Mon 11-Mar-19 16:45:33

threadkiller me - ha ha

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