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To consider this?

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Monty27 Mon 11-Mar-19 00:46:37

I had a full unopened tub of fresh cream. It was 3 days out of date which pissed me off . I chucked in the freezer. Shall I just bin it?

excitedtobehere Mon 11-Mar-19 00:49:01

Yes. You could use it for baking but I wouldn't freeze it.

AtrociousCircumstance Mon 11-Mar-19 00:49:19

There is a thing in the middle of your face called a nose grin

UnexpectedButExpected Mon 11-Mar-19 01:02:30

There is a thing in the middle of your face called a nose

Eh?! What was her Jose supposed to do with it?! confused

AtrociousCircumstance Mon 11-Mar-19 01:09:53

This is none of Jose’s business.

(I meant she could smell it)!

UnexpectedButExpected Mon 11-Mar-19 01:16:03


Jose thanks you for clearing up the confusion!

AtrociousCircumstance Mon 11-Mar-19 01:19:15


OddCat Mon 11-Mar-19 01:24:06

I ate a yoghurt the other day that expired in August last year ! It'll be fine, just smell it.

Monty27 Mon 11-Mar-19 01:43:02

Thanks all. And you all got me giggling grin

Oysterbabe Mon 11-Mar-19 01:48:56

Cream keeps for ages past its use by date.

everythingisbetterafteranap Mon 11-Mar-19 01:51:06


You are a yoghurt older than it takes to grow and birth a baby!

Are you sure you're ok? Maybe count your fingers, toes and ears to check?


OddCat Mon 11-Mar-19 01:55:23

I went to bed expecting to wake up dead or at least have a dodgy tum but I was fine !

everythingisbetterafteranap Mon 11-Mar-19 02:16:12

Amazing. You've probably ingested some magic bacteria and will live to 126

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