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Being pregnant..

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alwaysncxx Sun 10-Mar-19 23:57:37

Lighthearted thread but AIBU to think pregnancy goes on forever? grin

I feel like I've been pregnant for years, someone please tell me it's going to go quicker!! I'm getting so impatient, currently watching One Born Every Minute and insanely jealous of all these mums meeting their babies sad

MyBreadIsEggy Mon 11-Mar-19 07:05:21

In my experiences (I’m 12+3 with DC3) pregnancy is shit. For me it’s not a remotely enjoyable experience.
With the first one I had hyperemesis and spent 38 weeks feeling like I was dying every day until she was finally born.
Second one I had SPD.
This one I’ve had horrendous sickness and I’m just completely wiped out from looking after 2 toddlers all day.
Not enjoying it at all sad

Greywalls12 Mon 11-Mar-19 07:19:04

I'm 35+4 and it's dragging sooo much. I've also got SPD which is only getting worse, so I can't wait till he's here!
Although we're currently doing our house up and now I'm worrying it's not going to be done in time!
And i have a shit load of baby stuff to go through and sort out still, so I'm hoping all of this makes the next few weeks go quicker grin

HalfBloodPrincess Mon 11-Mar-19 07:35:29

I’m 29+4 with my 4th baby. Although I’m looking forward to having my baby, it hit me that I’m only ever going to be pregnant for 10ish more weeks. I’m not having any more babies so I’m going to cherish every kick, every ache and pain, the heartburn, the constipation and piles, the stretch marks, the fanny daggers, all of it. I’ll never experience it again and it feels bittersweet.

drogon1 Mon 11-Mar-19 07:46:23

Pregnancy does feel like it will never end but... My DD is 5 months old and as much as I love the little sod I so wish I'd taken advantage of my life and TIME before her to get stuff done. Some days I'm literally pinned to the sofa with her as she starts crying and I just look at all the shit laying around and want to cry as I'm so desperate to clean or y'know...brush my hair 🥴

Everyone will tell you to enjoy the last of your time alone but you'll never really appreciate it until after the baby comes!

RedSpottyKettle Mon 11-Mar-19 08:04:38

Thanks for this thread I was feeling broody recently but this has reminded me how pants being pregnant is.
I had crippling anxiety about baby movements so I felt every minute of the pregnancy past 20ish weeks. It made each day seem so long!

cloudymelonade Mon 11-Mar-19 09:46:14

@TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Not a helpful comment.
I happen to know plenty of mums who found pregnancy exceedingly tough and are now having a blast with their babies!

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Mon 11-Mar-19 15:33:10

And everyone has different experience of both. Do you think comments like Butteredghost's are useful either?

I was trying to be supportive and give things to do that you may struggle with after giving birth, but ok, I won't try next time.

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