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Am I a CF?

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theemmadilemma Sun 10-Mar-19 21:55:18

So am I a CF?

I'm not name changing so could be outing.

I need a quick hair cut. Straight across the ends couple of inches. Quick trim around face. Nothing special. I understand skill required otherwise I'd hack it myself!

I can walk to the local hairdresser in 3 mins and pay £23-25.

Posted on local FB looking for a Freelance hairdresser who might want to do it for around £15ish cash in hand will travel to them.

That's £1 per min. Far more than I earn if I work it out.


NB. Found someone who didn't think I was and is coming to me!

Petalflowers Sun 10-Mar-19 21:57:20

No, not cf. I have a movie hairdresser as well. Far cheaper.

FoggyDay58 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:58:25

Not a CF. This is capitalism in action: if someone is willing to do it for that price, then it's their choice - thought you were going to say you'd asked a friend to do it for free!

Moominfan Sun 10-Mar-19 21:58:31

Not at all

ScreamingValenta Sun 10-Mar-19 21:58:56

I've no idea of going rates as I don't have haircuts, but in my view, if you ask on FB setting out your terms, that doesn't make you a CF whatever those terms are, because no one is obliged to take you up on the offer.

MmaMakutsi Sun 10-Mar-19 21:59:12

This 'CF' stuff is so overdone on MN.

You want a service and are prepared to pay for it. You have found someone to whom your offered price is acceptable.

How on earth is that CF'ery?

BeautyWasTheBeast Sun 10-Mar-19 21:59:19

We have a walk in salon nearby which costs £6 for a basic cut or £8 for a restyle.

(No washing hair though it's spray bottle to wet hair)

BeautyWasTheBeast Sun 10-Mar-19 22:00:10

Sorry no you are not a cf to not want to pay a fortune for a hair cut

ILoveMaxiBondi Sun 10-Mar-19 22:02:19

Not a CF at all. Loads of people post similar ads on my FB with a price limit. If it’s too cheap no one will respond but £15 is fair price in my book. I once had a woman come to my house for a trim and I expected to pay about £15. She charged me £7!!! I gave her £15.

DizziLizzy Sun 10-Mar-19 22:02:31

£1 per minute is well over national minimum wage, no CF**kery here!

HarrysOwl Sun 10-Mar-19 22:04:01

I get my DH to cut mine. Save a fortune!

MaybeitsMaybelline Sun 10-Mar-19 22:10:40

But it’s not £1 a minute is it? It’s the cut yes, but also the shampoo, conditioner, rent, power, skill etc. I know costs can vary enormously spending upon skills, location etc, but I wouldn’t expect miracles for £15 including travel.

However it’s not CF just be prepared to get what you pay for.

hannonle Sun 10-Mar-19 22:12:12

That's a standard price here for a dry cut. Your £30 is a wash, cut, and blow dry kind of price.

DelilahfromDenmark Sun 10-Mar-19 22:20:33

My hairdresser charges £56 for a trim, she being the cheapest stylist in the salon. But I know I’m also paying for the salon experience so to speak. I dislike having my hair cut in my own home.

You’re in no way a CF. Not even sure why you think you are? Why would you go and spend more money than you need to if you have an alternative, preferable and cheaper option available to you?

YouWinAgain Sun 10-Mar-19 22:27:59

No CFery.

My mobile hairdresser comes to me, she charges me £10 (I just have a trim and simple style no dyes) and then doesn't charge me at all to cut my 3 year olds hair.

I always offer her more, but if she's willing to do it for £10 then I'm not going to argue with her.

YouWinAgain Sun 10-Mar-19 22:28:16

*Not CFery

WitsEnding Sun 10-Mar-19 22:32:53

Not saying this is your intention - but it would be CF-ery if you were implying by 'cash in hand' that you were making it worth their while by enabling the hairdresser to not declare the income. Otherwise I don't see a problem.

DonttouchthatLarry Sun 10-Mar-19 22:55:12

My hairdresser drives 20 mins/10 miles to my house, colours and cuts my hair and runs the clippers over DH's head all for £25 (but I give her £30). I'd probably pass out if I had to pay salon prices and would have to resort to colouring my own or just embracing the grey if my hairdresser ever retires grin.

howmanybiscuits Sun 10-Mar-19 22:55:21

Hairdressers pay a hefty rent to the salon for hire of the chair.

The hairdresser who's paid £15 at your house is probably earning more for the cut than the hairdresser at the salon that charges £23-25.

Lovingbenidorm Sun 10-Mar-19 23:01:12

I cannot believe what some of you are paying for haircuts!!
£10??? £25??
Shitting hell!!!
Well, I’m not posting what I pay for my barnet maintenance,
The only thing I can assume is that you are all young and beautiful and a quick trim does the business,
At my age I need to rely on a high trained professional

theemmadilemma Sun 10-Mar-19 23:03:23

I'm specifically asking for a dry cut, because I want my straightened hair length perfect, my curly don't give a f hair length is whatever it ends up. So 15 min job done.

Dowser Sun 10-Mar-19 23:05:28

I get cut, highlights and blow dry for £22
So no you’re not a cf at all

theemmadilemma Sun 10-Mar-19 23:05:52

I was worried because someone came back and seemed to think I was taking the piss!

I offered a 'job' if there were no takers fair enough, but I think it's ok to barter like that? Helps local traders, I get a good price. Who looses out?

theemmadilemma Sun 10-Mar-19 23:07:59

@howmanybiscuits That's sad, and true I have no doubt. Hence me trying to offer cash in hand quick job to someone at a reasonable rate (I think).

GreenTulips Sun 10-Mar-19 23:13:35

LOL you mean you don’t want the super deluxe all our pampered ‘experince’ Of a world class hair salon?

And miss the crying toddlers?
And sip the revolting tea?
And then feel grateful you’ve been allowed conditioner for an extra cost?

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