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To say Celebrity mum of the year is a load of shit....

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HJWT Sun 10-Mar-19 21:26:45

Heres the line up
-Cheryl Cole (Never seen her with her child)
-Vogue Williams (Not sure who she is)
-Rosie Ramsey (Again, Not sure who she is, Gordon Ramseys wife? no?)
-Sam Faiers (LOL)
-Kate Middleton (NOT even a celeb, shes a royal)
-Rochelle Humes (Hmm, I can cope with that)
-Holly Willoughby ( ??? )
-Louise Pentland (Fab)
- Giovanna Fletcher (Fab)
- Roxanne Hoyle (Fab)
But again, the last 3 aren't really celebs, they are classed as 'Influencers / Youtubers' but if anyone should get it it should be one of those in my eyes.

Who gets to nominate this list of Mums? Anyone know... just a bit of fun guys don't bite my face of and spit it out 🤨😁😁😁

247mummsy Sun 10-Mar-19 21:31:34

No idea who gets to nominate but how would anyone know these should be Mum of the year, we don’t see them with their children on a daily basis (or ever), only a few posts on twitter by some of them, certainly not Cheryl (maybe even worst Mum for giving him the name bear).
How about just give it to someone who works their ass off to provide and care for their kids - not a celeb who can afford to put a giant playcentre in their house and swan around on the beach in Mauritius with them.

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Mar-19 21:32:17

Not heard of many of those. sad

What do they have to do to win? Parent their DC?

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 10-Mar-19 21:33:43

I do like Vogue! blush

Guineapiglet345 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:34:06

I’m not sure Mum should ever be a competition.

HJWT Sun 10-Mar-19 21:34:24

@247mummsy Yes this !!! I have a friend who had breast cancer last year and 4 young children to look after and she still managed to keep her shit together better than me!! I think thats why this stuff annoys me so much...

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Mar-19 21:38:45

I think Cheryl could have the edge here because I have never ever seen her child. Someone who keeps their child out of the public eye is good.

PresidentHump Sun 10-Mar-19 21:47:19

It'll be won by whoever turns up at the ceremony/whoever wants the PR and their photo taken. It's marketing bollocks

onthenaughtystepagain Sun 10-Mar-19 21:48:45

Kate Middleton and the Willoughby person, the rest are inknown and as irrelevant to me as their lives. How long does she have to be married to be referred to as the D of C?

thedisorganisedmum Sun 10-Mar-19 21:50:34

what it means is
"who thin down the fastest after giving birth and is flaunting her newly improved slimmer than before toned belly" mummy.

BoomTish Sun 10-Mar-19 21:50:46

Didn’t Kerry Katona win this a couple of times?

Would hardly call her out as a pinnacle of motherhood.

It’s a pile of shite.

sue51 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:51:44

Its just a meaningless award. Totally irrelevant to everyone.

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Mar-19 21:52:29

Is it like Rear of the Year? grin

SaucyJack Sun 10-Mar-19 21:57:35

Katie Price has also won it a few times too BoomTish.

Clearly one need a coke habit and multiple failed relationships to take the edge in this particular contest.

user1473878824 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:57:51

Of course there are loads of women who could trump them but it’s “celebrity” mum of the year. It’s like complaining you didn’t win a Brit award despite being a PA. also it’s just incredibly eye roll anyway. But I too like Vogue!

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Mar-19 21:59:03

So really you could take the Mum bit out and just say which female celebrity is your favourite.
Because we have no idea if they are great Mums or not.

NCforthis2019 Sun 10-Mar-19 22:01:08

At least we can take comfort in knowing Katie price can’t win again! blush

No idea who most of those are to be fair.

keepforgettingmyusername Sun 10-Mar-19 22:01:42

It'll be funny if DoC wins and joins the ranks of Kerry Katona. She'll be advertising Iceland prawn rings next!

trexismyfriend Sun 10-Mar-19 22:02:58

Will either be Giovanna or Rochelle.

I'll put money on it.

It's actually really insulting imo, these "celeb mums of the year" because how do they relate to us 'normal' mums exactly? Are we supposed to applaud them for raising children as celebrities and give them awards for it?

Crock of shit.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Sun 10-Mar-19 22:10:35

Sorry but i know most of the nanes but the ones (excluding Giovanna i know who she is) that you think should win.

Just cos you dont know who they are doesnt disqualify them.

Although i'm also not sure who holly ramsey is. Not gordan ramseys wife tjats tanya ramsey

Seren85 Sun 10-Mar-19 22:15:22

Rosie Ramsey is Chris Ramsey's wife (he's a comedian/presenter). Anyway the whole concept is ridiculous.

ZippyBungleandGeorge Sun 10-Mar-19 22:22:29

Katie price is a previous winner, that should tell you all you need to know about this award.

247mummsy Sun 10-Mar-19 22:30:43

HJWT Gosh you’re friend sounds like super woman, hope she’s ok now.

247mummsy Sun 10-Mar-19 22:31:38

**She'll be advertising Iceland prawn rings next! 🤣🤣

CouldntThink Sun 10-Mar-19 22:42:09

It’s all a load of bollocks, FFS I mean Kerry Katona won. hmm

TurquoiseDress Sun 10-Mar-19 22:45:49


It's all a load of bollocks

belleandsnowwhite Sun 10-Mar-19 22:58:44

The winner will have to be someone who will willingly do all the press photos etc so that is the main criteria for winning.

SquigglySquaw Sun 10-Mar-19 23:03:05

I know of them all. It's all bollocks/abit of fun and they acknowledge that too. Not to be taken seriously.

SquigglySquaw Sun 10-Mar-19 23:05:17

Also, Giovanna Fletcher is a successful author🙄

sleepalldays Sun 10-Mar-19 23:16:44

What a bizarre awardconfused there's no way it could be judged fairly either as many people parent differently and many choose to keep theirs out of the public eye/social media.

To me it's a meaningless award.

I do however really like Vogue, she seemed really nice and funny on her TV show with Spencer (why are there only 3 eps of that??!!)

CruCru Sun 10-Mar-19 23:24:54

It's a weird idea. I don't know many of these people.

Having said that, perhaps a famous woman who makes sure that people don't see her child in the press (the OP mentioned that Cheryl Cole isn't seen with her child) is a good mother.

Mammaaofxx Sun 10-Mar-19 23:28:02

Louise Pentland is also a successful author

DippyAvocado Sun 10-Mar-19 23:31:30

Is there a presentation ceremony?What do you think the chances of Kate attending are? (I'm going with 0%).

HJWT Mon 11-Mar-19 07:24:12

@SquigglySquaw that will explain it then as I don't read, I know she married to a man from that band that used to be quite popular.

@Mammaaofxx I just know her from youtube!! 😁

anniehm Mon 11-Mar-19 07:38:28

Only even heard of 3 of these! The winner should be any which don't have household staff and manage to cope with kids (special needs kids a bonus), a job, low income and a exh who fails to pay child support on time!

RuggyPeg Mon 11-Mar-19 07:43:43

It's ridiculous but so many things in this weird old life are. Vogue will win, as she's touting herself all over social meedja at the mo, so her profile is high. Why is there no Dad of the Year though? Not that I agree with men gegging in on everything (I really don't) but why do men get off scott-free from having to be super dads? Oh yeah, the patriarchy.

sparklytwinklyfairylights Mon 11-Mar-19 07:58:22

Out of them all I would, if forced, vote for Cheryl for the very reason that we haven't seen her photographed with her child.
One of the "influencers" you say you could cope with would be down at the bottom of my list due to the fact they child is used to boost their career which I find a very bizarre way to behave but do appreciate that this is a very outdated opinion

NorfolkEnchance Mon 11-Mar-19 08:24:01

RuggyPeg there is a dad of the year. I believe it was won by ladbaby..

HJWT Mon 11-Mar-19 08:44:40

@RuggyPeg there is a dad of the year it was won by Roxanne's husband... google LadBaby.

HJWT Mon 11-Mar-19 08:45:48

@sparklytwinklyfairylights actually Louise very rarely uses her children for social media 'gains' and thats why I like her, she always asks her older daughter if she can put her on camera before doing so but even that is rare xx

sparklytwinklyfairylights Mon 11-Mar-19 08:51:52

That's why I said "one" of the influencers

HJWT Mon 11-Mar-19 09:10:43

@sparklytwinklyfairylights oh sorry didn't spot that! Which one? X

MarieIVanArkleStinks Mon 11-Mar-19 09:38:02

Celebrity ANYTHING is a crock of shit. It's a vapid, pointless culture that values absolutely the wrong things, and it encourages those who follow it also to value the wrong things and then be unhappy because they'll never be able to emulate these people materially. As Oscar Wilde once said, 'vanity is knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing'. If people want 'models' for parenting, they're looking in entirely the wrong place.

I know it's a po-faced response, but nevertheless it's an honest one.

EntirelyAnonymised Mon 11-Mar-19 09:40:01

It’s a nonsense ‘award’ used to promote nappies or some other baby/child product.

RuggyPeg Mon 11-Mar-19 14:00:01

I stand corrected then on Dad of the Year.

outpinked Mon 11-Mar-19 14:06:15

Katie Price and Kerry Katona won in previous years so that says all you need to know. Also don’t agree with motherhood being a competition, how bizarre.

I honestly haven’t heard of most of these. Giovanna Fletcher is married to Tom Fletcher so I know her purely because of that. Holly Willoughby, Cheryl Tweedy and Rochelle Humes I know and obvs Kate Middleton. The rest I have absolutely no idea 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Agreed about Cheryl though, she posted one thing about her son when he was born two years ago and hasn’t been seen with him since. Not knocking her for keeping her son out of the public eye at all but unsure how she can win this award.

cloudymelonade Mon 11-Mar-19 14:09:23

I agree the concept is a bit ridiculous but just FYI, Rosie Ramsey is fab and if any of them should win something, she probably should.

thenightsky Mon 11-Mar-19 14:11:35

I've only heard of 3 of them.

PinkHeart5914 Mon 11-Mar-19 14:18:58

Of course it’s rubbish!

Didn’t Kerry Katona and katie price win previous? If them two car crashes are the standard....

Elloello Mon 11-Mar-19 14:21:39

Oh yes just what the world needs, more of celebs patting each other on the back for being supreme human beings... hmm

Newsername Mon 11-Mar-19 14:23:43

I see everyone else has got in there before me, but Kerry Katona and Katie Price are hardly the pinnacles of motherhood. I don’t want awards and shit to tell me I’m mother of the year. I know I am.

trebless Mon 11-Mar-19 14:24:38

I voted for Roxanne but only because I've watched a fair few lad baby videos and I think she is brill!! Saying that, I watched a video of them the other day where it was her bday and felt it's getting to that ' clearly a set uo' stage now but her x

trebless Mon 11-Mar-19 14:25:07

Set up that should say!

HJWT Tue 12-Mar-19 06:41:38

@trebless that is very true x

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