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AIBU to limit involvement

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Mumwithabun Sun 10-Mar-19 19:54:24

Hi mumsnet need honest opinions from unbiased people.

To start I’m a young mum (19) with a young baby (less than a year) I’ve worked from the moment i was able to whilst studying etc, about a year and a half ago now I landed myself a very good apprenticeship paying way over the normal amount for an apprentice proving myself more than responsible, long story short I fell pregnant whilst doing this apprenticeship and worked right up until I had DC (to be fair she was delivered 3 months early) all my money I’ve earned has gone towards my DC from the moment I knew I was expecting and I’ve been fortunate enough at times to recieve help from family members as DC father bolted before she was born (another story for another day) however throughout this entire process I’ve constantly been put down from father and stepmother and had anything they’ve done to help with DC thrown in my face, they treat me as though I don’t know my own child or how to raise her despite never actually raising a child themselves (father wasn’t present until I was 9 and has no other children) and on top of this constantly overstep boundaries, for example when DC was born stepmom paid to find out everything about her father and his family and contacted every one of them to tell them and demand they get into contact against my wishes and without informing me, at the time this irritated me as DC was in NICU in a bad way, I had a feeling they wouldn’t want to know and it was added heartbreak for my child that I didn’t need at the time which I wanted to postpone until I was mentally ready to take it on which they knew (DC grandparents had no clue of my pregnancy let alone the birth). Other things have been happening but I wont tell all as this will probably become way too long of a read but all of this is making me want to limit the little involvement that they do have as there are no boundaries and they don’t seem to listen in hopes that they’ll learn?

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