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Front tooth dental implant crown :(

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Confusedandtired2018 Sun 10-Mar-19 15:40:59

Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a state here. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place etc ..

Long story short, I lost a front tooth due to traffic accident and I got a dental implant placed to replace said tooth last October which went very well with minimal pain/no concerns. The dentist is a super duper specialist in this area/own successful practice/good reviews and recommended by my own dentist etc etc

Anyway like I said I went ahead and got implant placed in October 2018 with temp tooth put in which looked amazing . Said I wanted the final to look the same as the shape was brilliant! All healed well and pain free so went back for my final crown to be put on 3 weeks ago but it couldn't be done due to wrong parts so booked in for couple weeks time, couldn't be done then either as crown was damaged, so another wasted trip and another appointment booked in... Anyways I went back and finally got the tooth put on along with a veneer for the other front tooth as that was damaged only slightly too. The dentist showed me the teeth in the mirror and my heart sank ☹️ the veneer looked okay but the crown was longer and a different shape and my tooth next to that one needed a small filling to close a small gap (wasn't ideal but not too bothered about that as looks okay) anyway once the numbness wore off I could feel the veneer pushing my lip out slightly and it's really REALLY annoying me now. When I smile and look up slightly I can see the two teeth aren't flush and the veneer material is much bulkier (iyswim) I have spent the best part of almost 4k on these teeth and I feel like I've messed up hugely by saying they looked okay at the final fitting appointment when I was numb and to be honest just anxious as hell and at the end of my tether with these teeth 😢😢 I have had the weekend with them now and I just feel like they aren't the shape I wanted and and feel comfortable and I just hate that I'm stuck with them at the age of 31 for the foreseeable. I feel so low and like crying I'm so depressed about it all now.

Can any dentists or anyone who has had a similar thing happen give me any advice? Is it even possible to change this now they've been cemented on? I cannot afford to replace them all at my expense as I have small children etc and only earn a small wage .
I must add I could perhaps live with and make myself get used to the crown and the shape as it's now pain free/comfortable but still now the final shape I wanted but the veneer is just not comfortable and flush , the dentist said that sometimes we can be too critical at final fitting but to be honest I don't see why the crown can't be the same as the temp and I've spent alot of money so I feel I can be critical and want final results to be best they can 😓
It's all so shit

Tia X

MrsEricBana Sun 10-Mar-19 15:44:00

I'm really sorry to hear this. Go back and say exactly this. They can probably file the crown down at the very least.

Confusedandtired2018 Sun 10-Mar-19 16:23:35

Thanks for the reply MrsErica.

I am going to phone them tomorrow morning and ask to see the dentist again to discuss my concerns at the very least. I'm usually such a happy go lucky character but this has really knocked my confidence and I'm sick of visiting the dentist and all the appointments and not being brave enough in the first place to be more clear and bold with what I expect

MrsEricBana Sun 10-Mar-19 17:44:32

Definitely! You are young and you want to go around smiling happily. I am not happy with my teeth either and it has really affected my confidence over the years. In your position I hope I would go right back and ask for a change (even if it costs a bit more, but don't tell them if you're prepared to pay a bit more as they didn't deliver what you were expecting). Hope you get it sorted. Please report back flowers

whateveryousay Sun 10-Mar-19 17:49:54

I have a dental implant, and was shocked at how ‘long’ it is, compared to the other teeth. Seems like I need more gum, if thst makes sense? Apparently this is normal though.
Unless I smile very broadly, my lips cover it anyway, so I’m not too worried. Is yours very noticeable?

MrsEricBana Sun 10-Mar-19 18:06:39

Oh I see what you mean - longer looking at the top.

Confusedandtired2018 Sun 10-Mar-19 18:10:00

Thank you MrsErica- I will call tomorrow and explain everything, it's sort of a hard one as I agreed it looked okay as I was looking into the mirror with a numb, bleeding mouth and gums all over the place. I didn't take much time to really look and think about it and also the dentist kept saying it looked okay and the temps always come out a better shape? I don't feel like I really had the opportunity to really look as I felt pressured to get it done 😢 I just can't afford any more money to redo them and I've only had them 2 days .

Whatever- glad to hear your implant doesn't bother you too much by the sound of it. The gum looks okay it's the fact that the actual tooth is longer than the temp/my old natural one was . X

MrsEricBana Tue 12-Mar-19 14:18:24

How did you get on?

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