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wwud about stray dog?

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balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 11:28:38

since xmas i have a stray dog that sneaks in. shes about 3 yrs old little terrier. however i have a very old dog that has a heated shed and this little dog comes in and practically boots out the old dog. i have found our old dog curled up in the rain shivering. our old dog is partially blind nearly deaf has arthritis. while i am a dog lover our priority is to make sure our old 16yr dog is comfortable and has shelter

turns out this stray belongs to an old gentlemen not far from us. he has carers and perhaps cant take care of the dog. she stayed with us continuously for a month and later found out he was actually not home (whether in hospital or holidays not sure).

at the moment i am feeding her every night and locking her into a big run with our other yard dog. this yard dog was a rescue and im waiting to get her fixed in the finer weather so that she can then be lose.

so i have 2 indoor dogs, one old outside loose dog and one locked up rescue dog and a stray. do i just keep her? i havent even given her a name dont want to get attached. if i let her roam she will go off (perhaps back to her owner) and then appear back in the middle of the night and kick out my old dog out of her warm shed who then ends up sleeping outside shivering which dives me mad.

i have even had my partner drop dog back to owner over his fence and she appears back. its not her fault poor thing. but shes not been taken care of. pound is not an option.

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 11:29:00

my god that was a ramble .. apologies

Easterbunnyiscomingsoon Sun 10-Mar-19 11:31:15

Visit the old man. Offer to keep his ddog . Make it a heated shed.
It's your duty!!
You have been chosen!

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 11:43:07

it is a heated shed she has her own halogen lamp but will leave it once the lil dog is in there even though plenty of room for both.

every time i go to house hes not there and i go from between "fuck him hes not bothered about this poor dog" to "ah maybe he needs her as company."

i havent ever seen this man ... was only my bil copped who owned it from seeing the dog in his yard as he passed.

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 11:43:55

and in my hearts of hearts i know she doesnt like being locked up but i have no choice.

DontCallMeShitley Sun 10-Mar-19 11:51:09

Ask the man if he needs help with his dog, he probably cares a lot for her and it seems he is struggling. He might sign her over to you and could still spend time with her.

Could you give her a kennel of her own?

ViolaD77 Sun 10-Mar-19 11:58:01

What do you mean 'yard dog'? I hope that doesn't mean you have a dog living outside... that's just cruel!

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 11:59:28

i have thought about going to him but if he says he wants her but she still escapes what then?

i actually got a kennel for her but she has no interest in it as it was pre used even though i cleaned it out and put a piece of carpet in it. she just roams freely. every evening she is let out and i have to wait for her to come back and then lock her up again for the night and its a pain in d ass as was 2 hours before she appeared last night. i was waiting to go to bed!

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 12:01:59

a yard dog means they have a kennel outside and doesnt sleep indoors with my 2 house dogs. inside are bishons outside are collie/german shepherd RESCUE mix. the old 16yr old dog roams free with a open heated shed other is locked in a massive run with her kennel and let roam in the evening for an hour when big gate is closed.

TheQueef Sun 10-Mar-19 12:04:40

Congrats on new doggo.
Go see the old chap, you already love the dog so you know she's moving in grin

Robstersgirl Sun 10-Mar-19 12:06:34

He may have dementia and not even remember he has a dog? Is the dog microchipped? Could it be likely that the dog was doing the same to this old gent as he is you? I definitely think first course of action is to check for a microchip. I would also leave a note FAO the carers. If you could catch the carers they may be able to help confirm? Hope doggy has a lovely forever home soon with you or not smile

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 12:07:26

TheQueef i do have enough dogs as it is ... but i would never not feed and house a stray dog. ideally i would rather she had a home where she could be more loved and not locked up. the only issue with her is that she kicks out the old dog. other than that she is welcome to stay. i swear it sounds trivial but its on my mind the whole time ... dp says im mad waiting on her to come back ... but thats not for my pleasure its so i wont find our old dog curled up outside the door and we are due snow this weekend!! so frustrating ... but i appreciate all the replies.

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 12:09:11

oh thats a good idea. perhaps i will leave a note to carers. dp suggested the carers perhaps leave the gate open and she gets out. but i fear if he is not well she is not getting fed properly. but then am I locking up his lil dog and stopping her going home at night?! i dunno

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 12:10:19

this is going on since before xmas and her stays have gotten longer. she is now with us 3 weeks no break. it started off a night or two and then id hear her bark or find my old dog curled up outside and id know she was back.

Bookworm4 Sun 10-Mar-19 12:30:57

Why are some dogs in and others including a 16 yr old living outside? What exactly is roam free? Within your property? Can they not all come indoors? I'll never understand how anyone has dogs outdoors 😢

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 12:52:28

Bookwork that are two large collie/german shepherd mixes. one was a rescue dumped in a ditch 3 years ago. we took her in. they cannot possibly stay indoors house is 2 small. we have a secured massive yard. we live in the country. that have big warm kennels and when i say roam i mean roam the yard on our property. its not cruel ... they are happy and warm and fed and well looked after. they are played with and loved.

TixieLix Sun 10-Mar-19 12:57:54

If you're feeding this dog and you have an un-spayed bitch then no wonder this little terrier keeps coming back every night. Can you not secure your own yard with fencing so that this terrier can't get to the older dog's shed?

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 13:03:43

they are all bitches. the only dog we have is one of the bischons indoors and hes fixed. so all outside dogs are bitches. yes we are thinking of doing a fence of some kind around the outside shed where the old dog is. just trying to do the logics in my head so she is free to go bathroom when needed. one night i locked her in when they stray had gone for fear shed come back and she messed in her shed. not fair on her. its such a headfuck trying to cater to them all safely.

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 13:05:41

right tomorrow im going to old man up the road with a note and hopefully chat to him personally. if he says he wants his dog back what do i do then? he cant keep her in safely. that means shes out on the road and its a busy road. i dont want to report him.

Eliza9917 Sun 10-Mar-19 13:09:58

How is the dog getting in? Surely with roaming dogs, your property should be secure?

I'd also bring the 16yr old dog on it's last legs into the house too. Let it live it's last days in comfort ffs.

ApolloandDaphne Sun 10-Mar-19 13:22:00

It is possible the old dog likes it's outdoor space. It doesn't sound cruel at all.

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 13:47:51

Eliiza it would be more traumatising for her. being partially blind and deaf she knows her own surroundings. would upset her bringing her indoors!!

thank you Appolloand Daphne!

i think she proabably gets in at the bottom of the yard through the ditch from the neighbours long yard. shes tiny! ive seen her try get out through the locked barrier and she cant. there is a side gate and it has chicken wire through the bars of the gate. there to protect my house dogs if they get out.

Grumpelstilskin Sun 10-Mar-19 13:50:28

I have zero understanding for people who keep dogs in yards!

balls2DWall Sun 10-Mar-19 13:53:38

Grumplestilskin omg they are perfectly safe and happy! it is not cruel.

what they hell are kennels for?!!

Junkmail Sun 10-Mar-19 13:57:52

Weird all the people getting at the OP for keeping the dogs outside. There are lots of reasons this could be the case. Not all dogs are pet dogs.

OP you need to speak to the owner of the dog or his carers or family before you make any decisions. It could be his family are unaware of this problem and would be happy to step in to help.

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