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My ex keeps dumping DS’s old toys on us!

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JK2012 Sun 10-Mar-19 11:24:49

Hi all, I have DS nearly 8 with my ex. We split when he was tiny. We’ve always had his toys here and his toys at daddy’s unless it’s something particularly special he may bring it back here.

So the ex moved in with his gf and their baby a while ago and every week he’s dropping Ds’s toys off with him. The fuck?? I’ve never seen these toys and they don’t belong to us. Some weeks it is stuff that DS plays with which is bad enough as we have no room and he has toys here. But this week it was old toys. A massive black bag of old toys that are filthy dirty (obviously been stored away in a shed). I asked why he brought them over and he said you might want them. Why would I want them? Now DS is wanting to keep all his old dirty toys and DD wants to play with the crap!

They have so many toys here and we really don’t need anymore. It’s all cheap and cheap flimsy.

He also buys him a toy every week (he see him for a few hours a week and tries to buy his love rather than spend time with him).


19lottie82 Sun 10-Mar-19 11:26:53

Just give them back to him?!

Darkbaptism Sun 10-Mar-19 11:26:56

Of course YANBU, take them back to his house!

Chloemol Sun 10-Mar-19 12:02:59

Hand the old toys back and tell him to take them. If he refuses tell him you are going to bin them.

SaucyJack Sun 10-Mar-19 12:04:31

Can’t you just say that you don’t want them?

Moanymoaner123 Sun 10-Mar-19 12:06:53

Just refuse to accept them, if he brings them to the door walk back out with it, repeating that you don't have the space and don't want the aggro. If he wants rid he can make the effort of going to the recycling centre/tip, he's a lazy fucker dumping them on you.

whitehalleve Sun 10-Mar-19 12:19:51

Just say no thank you and keep saying it.

TwoRoundabouts Sun 10-Mar-19 12:46:33

Say "No" and give them back. If that doesn't work go dump them back on his doorstep with a note not to dump his junk with you.

His gf clearly told him to get rid. Your ex bring an idiot think that means dump them all on his child's mother.

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