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To be disappointed by this fb seller?

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Whooomp Sat 09-Mar-19 21:06:20

Thank you for all your replies! I feel less disappointed now as its quite normal procedure!
I'll make sure then the next time I see something I like I'll have a friend with a bigger car on hand and we'll go get the item ASAP!

And I can only hope @Princessmushroom grin

Bobbycat121 Sat 09-Mar-19 21:00:07

Yes I would say its normal. Its not like ebay, its first to collect usually on fb. I wouldnt hold anything for anyone.

Namechangeforthiscancershit Sat 09-Mar-19 20:58:26

Yes pretty normal, especially with something big that they probably want out of the way asap

Barrenfieldoffucks Sat 09-Mar-19 20:58:20

Yes, annoying but understandable.

Princessmushroom Sat 09-Mar-19 20:56:09

When the other person lets them down, like 99% of Facebook buyers then you can still get it

Whooomp Sat 09-Mar-19 20:47:37

I do get it from the sellers point of view, easy and done with tonight. I just feel a bit miffed that it was agreed I could have it and all arranged and then... not!
Never bought anything from marketplace so wasn't sure if this kind of thing was normal!

Bobbycat121 Sat 09-Mar-19 20:07:43

Its annoying but sounded like your plan was alot of hassle can see why the would just go with someone who could just collect it that night.

Whooomp Sat 09-Mar-19 20:05:13

I genuinely don't know if I am BU to be disappointed by this or if I'm being ott!

Found an armchair on fb marketplace that I really liked and was in my price range. I messaged seller, they said it was still available. Seller put me in touch with someone who would be able to deliver it (my car is tiny so needed it delivering) agreed a price with delivery company. I arranged to pop to sellers house in the morning to just check it over and then pay (then the delivery company would collect and deliver it to my house after)

Few minutes after arrangement all finalised, seller got back in touch saying someone had messaged them and wanted to collect it this evening so they were going to sell it to this other person. confused

The advert did not say first come first served. AIBU to be really disappointed?!

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