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To be worried about my 11 year old DS- hormones or something more

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Mangetoutrodney Sat 09-Mar-19 18:54:25

My lovely DS is very up and down at the moment- angry then crying then shouting at us then saying he hates himself- it’s a bit of a rollercoaster.
He’s quite a sensitive soul generally and has been clingy - wants to sleep with me - quite cuddly etc and needs reassurance.
But the mood swings do worry me- I talk to him all the time & make sure he gets sleep, proper food, managed time on screens

Aibu to think it’s hormones? Or something more? I do worry about him

tor8181 Sat 09-Mar-19 19:17:02

it could be hormones as kids are starting early these days

my 14 y old(boy) started puberty at 10 and half

by 12n he was fully developed down there and hairs under his arms and was 5ft 8/9 and a face full of spots

at 13 his voice started cracking and was through it by 14 and a bit

hes 14 and half now, 6ft 1 size 12 shoe and apart from shaving(has that teenage upper lip fluff though) i would say hes come though puberty already and people think hes 18/19,he loves it i dont

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