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I give up

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maybe123 Sat 09-Mar-19 17:25:27

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My son is nearly 3. His non verbal but as far as I'm where that's all there is to it at the moment.

We started potty training him after Xmas and he just doesn't get the grasp of it or just don't want to.

He started sitting on the potty every 10 mins etc but he would still wee and poo on the floor.

He hates sitting on the toilet even with a toddler seat. It just seems like he is weeing and pooing everywhere! He hates the feel on a wet or dirty nappy so he takes it off and refuses to wear pants. Even pj bottoms with no pants don't put him off going toilet every where but the bloody toilet!

Any suggestions? It's now March and no progress. It's too late to stop and start again as he likes having no nappy on and will just poo on the floor anyway

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 09-Mar-19 17:36:17

Have you spoken to your HV.

Madratlady Sat 09-Mar-19 17:47:27

He’s not yet 3, some children just aren’t ready at this point. I’d completely give up and try again in the summer. As the parent of a late talker (also no other issues afaik and now 5 and talking) I wish I’d introduced some signing to help him communicate, it might be worth helping him with his communication so he’s able to tell you he needs to go when he is ready. My youngest (3) took a while to ‘get it’ but he is better if we don’t over prompt and let him tell us when he needs to go.

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