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I wish DD would stop growing up so quickly

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zunshine Sat 09-Mar-19 13:47:14

6 year old DD has always been quite emotionally mature for her age which is good in some ways, she's very in tune with emotions, will tell me how she feels and why she feels that way and knows when to take herself off for some time alone. However she has this fascination with being grown up, she often tells me she wants to look like a teenager, she has plenty of toys but she doesn't play much anymore. I have to remind her she's still only 6 and has plenty of time to enjoy being a child. She's also stopped believing in santa and the tooth fairy. I feel like she's missing out on all the fun of being a child, she struggles to fit in with children her age

NuffSaidSam Sat 09-Mar-19 13:52:41

My DC1 was a bit like this. She stopped playing with toys about age five. For her birthday she'd ask for new curtains in her bedroom or some throw pillows! She was always 5 going on 45!

It's just who she is, but it did make me sad that she wasn't 'little' for longer. I know how you feel!

She's 14 now and fairly normal!

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