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To ask if anything can be done about the sports club committee?

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GreenTeacup Sat 09-Mar-19 10:04:55

My son plays for a footsall team. The committee is made up of 5 parents. They are very good at what they do for the club.

However, they are a nasty clique and over the last two years, I have seen people come and leave the team because of them.

They haven’t spoken to me for over a year because I took two children from the club to McDonald’s and they said that I was excluding the others. (This is despite them having many parties between themselves). They actually had a WhatsApp group discussing that something needed to be done about me being able to attend training. (This was shown to be by another member who decided to step down).

I don’t really care what they think, I am there for my son but I am currently standing here watching their new target close to tears.

The coach is aware of what is happening and says he is often on the wrong side of them too.

I can’t commit to putting myself forward abs I understand that is how you challenge a position?

I have looked online for info but there is not much. Is there anything that can be done?

twinkle999 Sat 09-Mar-19 10:10:41

You need to put yourself forward as a committee member to improve things.

PoptartPoptart Sat 09-Mar-19 10:50:13

I would move clubs tbh.
I wouldn’t want myself or my DS to be around that level of nastiness. What is it teaching the kids?
It all sounds very unhealthy and toxic.

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