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Who was unreasonable? Dog walking issue..

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WillGymForPizza Sat 09-Mar-19 09:59:06

I'm currently looking after my parents dog while they are away for the weekend, took him out for a nice long walk this morning, bumped into lots of other dogs had a sniff, all fine.

Only the way back we found ourselves approaching an elderly lady with a Jack Russell, I put dog on very short lead told him to 'stay' as we passed them but he still sort of moved forward to sniff the other dog, as dogs do. It's nature. Now I should say, and I know everyone says this, but parents is as soft as a brush and just want to be everyone's friend. The lady started shouting at me ' get that bloody dog away, I apologised told him off and said he wasn't nasty. Then I move to cross the road and she started shouting at me that 'the bloody thing needs locking up'. Ffs he's lab not a pit bull, he didn't bark, he didn't growl, he didn't jump at her, he just moved to sniff her dog! Like they all do!

It was unnecessarily aggressive and rude and really spoiled what was a lovely walk. I had to resist the urge not to give her a mouthful back, but thought against it. Sounds stupid but it puts me off taking him out again! And now I'm wondering if maybe I did do something wrong?

Can any seasoned dog people tell me what the hell it was all about?

sar302 Sat 09-Mar-19 10:03:02

Dogs sniff! You had him on a lead. He wasn't aggressive in any way. There's literally nothing else you could or should have done!

OhDearGodLookAtThisMess Sat 09-Mar-19 10:07:21

There are some weird people out there! It's her, not you.
Move on with your day!

CaptainJaneway62 Sat 09-Mar-19 10:08:31

Some people are just thoroughly nasty pieces of work.
Some of these nasty pieces of work just happen to own a dog!

You didn't do anything wrong OP and most dog walkers/owners would not react like this. Sorry it ruined your walk.

recrudescence Sat 09-Mar-19 10:10:19

Seasoned dog person here. Jack Russell lady was bonkers. Don’t let it spoil your day or discourage you from taking the dog out for another walk.

WillGymForPizza Sat 09-Mar-19 10:10:56

Thank you! We had a lovely walk, and then this nasty woman went and spoiled it. Wish I'd given her a piece of my mind now in all honesty.

YogaWannabe Sat 09-Mar-19 10:11:36

You were just unfortunate to meet this particular oddball!

Please don’t be put off taking him out, you or he did nothing wrong!

MrsHappyBee Sat 09-Mar-19 10:12:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

anniehm Sat 09-Mar-19 10:13:27

Did the dog have a "nervous dog" harness or bib? Some people have very traumatised dogs and rely on us keeping our dogs at a distance, but she sounds very rude. My dog really doesn't care for other dogs but I wouldn't dream of yelling at the owner of a dog on a lead, you just politely explain they aren't into other dogs (my hates black labs for some reason but loves blonde ones, go figure!). The lady was rude but the best thing you can do it go out again today and meet some nice dog owners, get past it.

Villanellesproudmum Sat 09-Mar-19 10:13:45

Dog owner here, if it was as you said, she was very unreasonable, I think I would have laughed.

NiktheGreek Sat 09-Mar-19 10:14:12

please don't let her put you off. You did the right thing by putting your dog on the lead. Nothing else you could have done. Carry on enjoying your walks, most dog people are lovely.

JRMisOdious Sat 09-Mar-19 10:15:41

If it happened exactly as you say, you did nothing wrong.
May be that her dog’s aggressive and she was nervous about it reacting. JRTs are notoriously feisty and (without wishing to stereotype, I’m not a spring chicken myself) depending how frail she is she may find it difficult to control it it gets agitated.
Not your fault, forget about it and get on with your day. Wish my kids would walk our (“their” 🙄) dog.

WillGymForPizza Sat 09-Mar-19 10:17:27

The Jack Russell didn't seem bothered at all. He did have a coat on, but it looked just like regular dog coat.

Youtoldme Sat 09-Mar-19 10:26:10

Take no notice, dogs just being dogs, probably best not to get drawn into an argument though, she’s likely to be like that with everyone

FredFlinstoneMadeOfBones Sat 09-Mar-19 10:28:28

You shouldn't let your dog intimidate other people but if you leave the house with a dog you have to accept other dogs will take an interest unless you've grossly misconstrued what happened she is being massively unreasonable and must shout at dog walkers every time she leaves the house!

Cherrysoup Sat 09-Mar-19 10:47:18

Might be that hers is aggressive. One of mine is, I would be really pissed off if I put mine on a lead and someone else let theirs pull to sniff, not that mine would be anywhere near another dog. I cross the road so as not to have my dog or others upset.

Katterinaballerina Sat 09-Mar-19 10:51:41

I’ve seen dozens of Jack Russells when I’ve been dog walking. I have met 2 nice ones. They are often aggressive, bitey little arseholes. The woman was odd but I’d give JRs a wide berth.

undomesticgodde55 Sat 09-Mar-19 10:52:16

Some dog walkers are just dicks - they are everywhere unfortunately. I had a similar issue with mine, soft cocker spaniel. A couple were walking a puppy boxer and jack Russell, both on leads so I called mine back to put mine on a lead too. Both walkers came storming towards us so my dog saw this a a que to say hello rather than come back to me. I then had a mouthful of "control your dog! He should be on a lead!" Absolutely no harm at all their dogs were As friendly as mine was. I did point out if they hadn't charged forward, stopped and gave my dog a chance to come back he would have been on a lead too. they then had the rant of "oh of course it's the behaved dog owners fault and not yours!!!!" It really put me off walking in that area and wearing my bright yellow coat again.

Namechange8471 Sat 09-Mar-19 10:54:35

lab not a pit bull

Find this a little offensive op!

Katterinaballerina Sat 09-Mar-19 10:56:36

Pit Bulls are a banned breed.

HarrysOwl Sat 09-Mar-19 10:57:27

I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and wonder if she's had a bad experience, as it does sound like her reaction was unreasonable!

But don't let it put you off - encountering negative situations is just part of life, in all experiences.

Birdsgottafly Sat 09-Mar-19 10:58:06

How elderly?

My Mum could get nasty when her bloods (Warfarin) was out. Also on some meds. The first sign that an elderly person isn't well is a change of personality.

She might be feeling really vulnerable, so reacts with aggression, to be taken seriously, not great, but it is what it is.

You've just got to ignore. Giving a mouthful back is unnecessary.

WillGymForPizza Sat 09-Mar-19 10:59:13

Offensive how? People get offended over the strangest things these days!

dudsville Sat 09-Mar-19 11:00:36

It's her, people do stuff we can't understand without knowing them better, shrug it off.

CarolDanvers Sat 09-Mar-19 11:00:50

Oh she sounds weird. Some people just love a fight, they really do and sadly today you were here target. I’d have told her to shut up and walked on. Don’t let it get you down. Walking my dog is one of my joys in life, I won’t let anyone spoil it.

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