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"The embryonic kicking of feminism" is the wankiest thing I've ever heard anyone say

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MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:28:20

I don’t dislike Megan (don’t know enough about her to dislike her), but this sentence made me a bit sick in my mouth.

I am so bored of the 10-15 “news” articles about her every single day. I couldn’t care less what shoes she’s wearing or how much her dress cost. I also don’t need live updates every time she touches her bump.

I know damn well there are much more important things going on in the world to report on.

10IAR Sat 09-Mar-19 08:31:16

None of it is her fault though is it?

The MSMs issue with her is that she's mixed race, American and divorced. So they're turning on her like a pack of dogs.

She can't do anything right as far as they're concerned. I'm no royalist, the opposite in fact, but the bullying with racist and misogynistic undertones sickens me.

MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:34:56

As far as I’m aware that sentence did come from her mouth. I just found it so pretentious. The articles about her daily are not her fault, just so dull. I am sure she must get sick of it too.

10IAR Sat 09-Mar-19 08:36:27

It probably did come from her mouth.

I just don't see the need for a pile on when she's already the target of such nastiness.

MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:36:59

And to be honest, most of the articles I see are over the top adoring of her, she can’t put a (Jimmy Choo-ed) foot wrong. It’s just so very boring and such a waste of news space.

WildWinter Sat 09-Mar-19 08:37:51

I like her a lot, and I'M bored of the endless articles and threads slagging her off. She's a strong, intelligent, successful woman and I don't really see why everyone hates her so much apart from sneering/jealousy, and the reasons outlined by PP (mixed race, American).

What's wanky or embarrassing about talking about feminism. She's an educated woman. She's not a doormat. She can say what she pleases.

mynameiscalypso Sat 09-Mar-19 08:40:08

Yes she said it but wasn't it a quotation from a book that she'd read? Anyway, I think she's fab.

OutComeTheWolves Sat 09-Mar-19 08:40:48

It's a quote from a book I think. She was saying she heard/read it and liked how it sounded that's all.

TeddyIsaHe Sat 09-Mar-19 08:41:47

GET A LIFE. Stop reading shite newspapers and worry more about things that actually matter like climate change or poverty. I wish people would get over this completely weird obsession with a woman who has done nothing more than get married and get pregnant. It’s madness.

MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:42:54

I didn’t realise it was a quote from a book.

Just to confirm - I’m not posting this because of her race, nationality or the fact she’s a divorcee 😂 It sounded pretentious and disingenuous and obviously it was if it was a quote and not a sentence she just came out with in a debate.

Clawdy Sat 09-Mar-19 08:43:04

"Over the top adoring of her"?? I've never seen such vitriol from the press for a royal family member before, some of the articles in the tabloids are beyond nasty. Not sure what lies behind it, but it is deeply unpleasant and worrying.

Cranky17 Sat 09-Mar-19 08:43:07

Leave her alone, women will be never be taken seriously if we keep picking on each other all the time

Pinkiii Sat 09-Mar-19 08:44:18

She didnt say that, she was quoting a netflix documentary she had seen.

The media needs to give it a rest with her, let the woman enjoy her pregnancy without scrutinizing everything she does.

Hairyporker Sat 09-Mar-19 08:44:31

Nice bit of catnip for the mumsnet racist cunt contingent there OP.

MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:45:07

Ok. Obviously everyone on Mumsnet spouts bullshit like that on a daily basis too 😂. That’s fine, you carry on.

I’m certainly not obsessed with her, in fact my point is that the media, for some bizarre reason is and I’m bored of it.

10IAR Sat 09-Mar-19 08:45:31

Just to confirm - I’m not posting this because of her race, nationality or the fact she’s a divorcee

Uh huh. But it makes her an easy target doesn't it?

The media claim it's not because of that either.

MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:46:40

If Barack Obama or Prince William has said it, my opinion would be the same. It is a ridiculous thing to say.

LemonSqueezy0 Sat 09-Mar-19 08:47:01

I like her, and what she stands for. I think she gets a really hard time, and for the most part, it's obvious why.... What a lovely thread to start, regarding IWD.. Deepy unpleasant hatred towards her in so many guises, on so many platforms. All out racism, threats and vitriol, right through to petty passive aggressive comments. She can't do right for doing wrong....

Ghanagirl Sat 09-Mar-19 08:47:26


I didn’t realise it was a quote from a book.

Just to confirm - I’m not posting this because of her race, nationality or the fact she’s a divorcee

MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:48:38

Ok this is ridiculous. It was a light hearted thread about a stupid sentence. I’m just going to let you all carry on with your “kind, considerate, women-supporting-women comments here... the irony 🙄

LovingLola Sat 09-Mar-19 08:49:38

And to be honest, most of the articles I see are over the top adoring of her, she can’t put a (Jimmy Choo-ed) foot wrong

Go on. Post a link to one of them.

10IAR Sat 09-Mar-19 08:49:57

The irony is you spending an awful lot of effort to post snide and nasty comments about a woman you claim to be bored by!

The reality is that the undertones of your post are no different to the nasty media articles.

Ghanagirl Sat 09-Mar-19 08:51:17

Why should women support you when you start a bitchy thread about a woman supporting feminism on international women’s day.

MaryBoBary Sat 09-Mar-19 08:51:36

Really not much effort. All of 5 minutes typing. If that. smilebiscuit

TeddyIsaHe Sat 09-Mar-19 08:51:58

I don’t support women that are nasty for the sake of being nasty (which is what this thread is however you want to dress it up) the same way I don’t support men being nasty either. Equality!

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