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To not want to compare grades with uni friends?

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malificent7 Fri 08-Mar-19 20:19:07

I did great on my first set of exams but didn't want to tell anyone as was embarassed. I then failed an essay which i will resubmitt . So a mixed bag. Either way i dont want to tell my grades to unj froends as i think it gets overly competetive.
Id rather talk about music, tv, politics, what we did at the weekend , family etc.

WelcomeToGreenvale Fri 08-Mar-19 20:31:13

No I didn't want to compare either.

Once I was with a small group of friends when we bumped into our lecturer, we asked how our results for the recent essay submissions were and he said "I can't say much but most of you passed, one of you didn't!" and raised his eyebrows

I was the one who didn't sad

HomeMadeMadness Fri 08-Mar-19 20:50:46

YANBU. I had one friend who rang everyone up to compare ranking in the year. He sounded disappointed that I'd done better than him! It was a pretty silly thing to do though - what if I was really disappointed then had to have him call up and compare.

suziedoozy Fri 08-Mar-19 20:58:22

I wouldn’t share with anyone you don’t want to - it’s none of their business!

In my course last year there was an incredible arrogant & immature man who made a point of trying to show he was better than everyone else.

He consistently achieved lower marks than me (he insisted on comparing!) which clearly annoyed him as I was easily old enough to be his mum! He then didn’t even turn up for graduation 🤔

AwkwardPaws27 Fri 08-Mar-19 22:55:54

You don't have to share if you don't want to.
Sometimes I say things like "I did better than I expected" or, "I found that more difficult but I got some useful feedback for next time". Sometimes with people I'm closer to I share an actual mark, but not often. People aren't really interested in what you got, they are interested in how they did compared to everyone else. My tutor usually gives us an idea of what the average score for the class was for exams which is helpful.

ADHMeeee Fri 08-Mar-19 23:00:33

I did OU, then recently went to actual uni. I didn't mind sharing my grades but it did get embarrassing if they saw my better grades because I need support when learning because of my learning difficulties, I was in a small group of mature students who didn't understand why I got "help". It wasn't help, it was support to make sure I could get my notes down because I can't write properly.

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