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Friend has worried me about miscarriage (sorry everyone. No pictures or anything graphic!)

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HeresMyBrightIdea Fri 08-Mar-19 17:32:46

I've been bleeding vaginally for three weeks. It started off after a gym session with my personal trainer. Then it only seemed to be when I urinated, and there'd be some red on the tissue. Then it was a slow trickle randomly throughout the day.

This week there's been spurts, randomly, and today there is clots. I have abdominal cramps very low in my stomach, almost my pelvis. I've put on 6kg in the past two weeks, on a normal diet and exercise plan.

I'm on the pill, have never had bad periods or any period pains, and am not near my period. I took a pregnancy test last week which was negative.

The doctor has referred me on the cancer pathway, I've got an appointment at the end of next week.

I've just been talking to a friend who is a bit concerned. She thinks I may be miscarrying - but surely the pregnancy test would have been positive? So it's likely to be something else?

I am so scared, I can't think straight.

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