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International Women's day - flowers?

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SurgeHopper Fri 08-Mar-19 16:29:14

Aibu to be pissed off about this?

3 women have flowers in their hair today - because of IWD.

I walked past a florist - big promo, IWD, buy flowers etc.

I don't have anything against flowers.

But why are women wearing flowers in their hair because of this?

I don't want flowers, I want a raise!

TonightJosephine Fri 08-Mar-19 16:43:55

Preach! gin

ThanosSavedMe Fri 08-Mar-19 16:48:48

I tried telling dh he has to buy me flowers for IWD, he laughed at me 😄

GreenThing Fri 08-Mar-19 16:51:52

It's probably caught on from the countries where the day is actually a public holiday.

It's kind of nice I think.

LemonSqueezy0 Fri 08-Mar-19 17:39:21

If its to celebrate/raise awareness of IWD, what's the issue?! Seems a bit of a snarky thing to focus on....

Panicmode1 Fri 08-Mar-19 17:41:49

When I lived in Russia, men giving women flowers on IWD was a thing - a way of saying thank you and a sign of their respect for women.....

I can't get worked up about it at all. (I am worked up about the men in my house moaning that there isn't an International Mens Day, and then getting huffy when I say that every day is International Mens Day (lighthearted).....)

TakenForSlanted Fri 08-Mar-19 17:48:54

When I lived in Russia, men giving women flowers on IWD was a thing.

Same here. Well, I've never lived in Russia but I used to date a man who has and thought it might be a good idea to adopt the practice. Sent me right into feminist rage at the time, though. Poor sod had to listen to a lengthy rant about how I wasn't up for the symbolism of patriarchic romance on a day that was meant to represent my liberation from the same. grin

I've mellowed out after my student days: gave a speech to junior female employees this morning and went right back to work, which - as so often - included me being lectured on my subject of expertise by older men who've not bothered to read the brief even. Celebrated IWD by pointing out that the brief contradicted his statement and pointing out that I needed him to stop speaking over me when I was evidently the one who had actually read the thing.

GregoryPeckingDuck Fri 08-Mar-19 17:50:04

It’s traditional to give flowers to women on women’s day.

GregoryPeckingDuck Fri 08-Mar-19 17:52:58

@takenforslanted flowers are a common courtesy in Russian culture. I got flowers from my father today. I also sent some to my grandmother. Birthdays, first day of school, visiting someone’s house for the first time are all occasions for flowers.

GregoryPeckingDuck Fri 08-Mar-19 17:55:13

Women’s day is basically like morgers day but for all women and the tradition is to give flowers. It’s been appropriated for political reasons in recent years. It’s ruined a perfectly good holiday of sentimentality.

Lexilooo Fri 08-Mar-19 18:24:54

@panicmode1 check out Richard Herring on Twitter for responses to the question "when is/why isn't there an international men's day"

PS it is 19th November 😊

Gedge77 Fri 08-Mar-19 18:25:37

I was in Russia on a 6th form school trip in 1991 on International Womens day and we were given flowers(i cant remember who by.)

It was the first time i had heard of IWD. Didnt hear of it in the UK til many years later.

SummerHouse Fri 08-Mar-19 18:29:32

taken you go girl (ironic use of term of course)
I wish you worked in my office.
You sound brilliant.
Here... flowers smile

finnmcool Fri 08-Mar-19 18:33:13

Women in iran were handing out single flowers today.
It was part of My Stealthy Freedom and respecting women's choices to wear the hijab or not.

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