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Am I Wendy?

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WEP50 Fri 08-Mar-19 01:15:53

In 2008 I was horribly ostracized by my Mum's group. Having been reading AIBR chats I think I am "Wendy". How can I stop this paranoid thinking???

WatchingFromTheSidelines Fri 08-Mar-19 01:22:27

I don't think you're Wendy. I think you've had a really bad experience with some not so nice people flowers.

WTFIsAGleepglorp Fri 08-Mar-19 01:23:47


You've been Wendied.

WEP50 Fri 08-Mar-19 01:29:04

Having just read the 500 post about a mum's group gossip going wrong!
Please tell me how I am not the "Wendy" shock

WildUnknown Fri 08-Mar-19 01:33:53

The Mums Gossip Caught Thread isn't Wendying OP

That's just people being juvenile and getting caught.

Wendying is when you have a group, like NCT say, and a separate friend.

Your separate friend is really cool, or so you think, so why not include her?

Only when you do, you find she slowly turns the entire group against you and takes over and you are in the cold

That's a Wendy/Being Wendied

WarpedGalaxy Fri 08-Mar-19 01:34:15

Wendy is the, usually new, person who moves into a group, takes over and elbows others out. You’re not Wendy, you’ve been wendied if that’s what happened to you.

Jozen Fri 08-Mar-19 01:34:28

Wendy is the woman who ostracized you.
If you were ostracized by this Wendy then you were "Wendied".

If you were Wendy, you were the one pushing another woman out.

WEP50 Fri 08-Mar-19 01:55:22

Oh my goodness ... thank you I am not "Wendy". I need to go to bed and stop reading AIBU posts.
You rock wink

stayathomer Fri 08-Mar-19 01:58:16

Night OP ( Just found thread!)

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