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To ask about tiny pinprick spots on baby's face that appear and disappear?

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Spottybaby Thu 07-Mar-19 14:42:50

Once a week or so I notice tiny little pinprick red spots usually on my baby's cheek. They aren't raised but look a bit like you'd have if you lay on something bumpy

I think they are like Petechiae but not associated with fever or anything and usually disappear I'd say within an hour or two

Can this be normal? She has some rare unexplained congenital problems that very very rarely are associated with something called Fanconi Anemia which I'm terrified of so can't help looking for signs

Hiphopopotamous Thu 07-Mar-19 14:57:29

You have a baby with a rare condition who has an unusual rash.
I'd like them seen by their GP with a good photograph of the rash, who can decide if they need to see a paediatrician about it.
Any ?petechial rash and fever/unwell and it's 999.


Spottybaby Thu 07-Mar-19 15:03:10

I have mentioned it to GP and health visitor before who have said it's probably just from crying and nothing to worry about (I've noticed it several times over periods of months and never accompanied by a fever)

I will take her again with a picture. It's not prominent but I can see it

Spottybaby Thu 07-Mar-19 15:13:48

In fact it's already disappeared since I mentioned it. I think she must just have sensitive skin prone to little marks that come and go

It's hard differentiating from normal and not normal when she has so much going on hence the post. Being in a rare condition category also makes it hard sometimes to recognise that other rare things are still unlikely and not everything means something

Spottybaby Thu 07-Mar-19 17:22:43

Here's a picture

Hoping someone will say their child has similar and I can put worry to bed!

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