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Good or bad seats ?

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Easterbunnyiscomingsoon Thu 07-Mar-19 13:59:22

Very envious!! My ds 4 loves George - knows loads of his songs and sings wildly!

Optimist1 Thu 07-Mar-19 13:51:55

smile Enjoy the show!

rebeccapp Thu 07-Mar-19 13:41:11

Oooh @Optimist1 Thankyou I couldn't find anything with seat numbers on

Optimist1 Thu 07-Mar-19 13:29:15

Looks pretty good to me!

rebeccapp Thu 07-Mar-19 13:12:59

It's the metro radio arena

rebeccapp Thu 07-Mar-19 13:12:40

I didn't have a clue where to post this so il try here for traffic etc
I'm going to see George Ezra in Newcastle tonight and we are in Block 101 row C
Any ideas on what the seats are like?
Will we get a decent view?

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