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Possibly moving to Manchester from London

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shouldiorshouldinot Thu 07-Mar-19 12:03:25

Hi everyone,

We are possibly planning on moving to Manchester from London. I've never lived anywhere other than London so it's daunting. I have 4dc 12,10,4,1. The very main thing is excellent schools. St the moment my kids are at outstanding schools so I really hope they can continue like that.
Anybody made the move and how have you found it?
What's the best place to move to with great schools secondary and primary and maybe not too far from the city centre?
Looking for a 4 bed semi or detached
How likely is it to get into food schools and getting into same schools?

Thank you all it's all very overwhelming

shouldiorshouldinot Sun 10-Mar-19 01:09:12

Thank you I'm
Actually not sure if the exact location in
Middleton I just noticed there were some good school and house prices seemed a little lower.
Arnold it does seem to
Be a nationwide thing regarding the north / south divide . Strange

lastqueenofscotland Sat 09-Mar-19 23:10:31

Middleton is very mixed.
It depends where as the nice bits are really nice but the not so nice bits are pretty grim

Arnoldthecat Sat 09-Mar-19 23:08:28

Quite a widespread area could be regarded as Middleton. If you could point toward a particular property so that we could place it? I will say that Middleton has a very well regarded high school (Cardinal Langley). Middleton is deemed to be north Manchester which a lot of people find less desirable.

I wonder if thats a nationwide thing i.e north is bad,south is good ?

Anyway i've lived in both north and south manchester and im fairly ambivalent. I know people here on the south side who have never been to north Manchester. Some think there are dragons there ..

TokenGinger Sat 09-Mar-19 13:57:57

Middleton has good parts and bad parts. I don't know the area enough to comment on which are good and bad. My auntie manages a pub in a really rough part, the clientele in the pub really put me on edge when I went to visit.

I do know there are some nicer parts of Middleton, though I suspect it's expensive due to location (close to Heaton Park), and therefore if house prices are coming up reasonable, I'd be led to think it may be in the tougher parts.

shouldiorshouldinot Sat 09-Mar-19 12:11:21

How is Middleton? I've seen properties at a good price there .

Arnoldthecat Sat 09-Mar-19 10:31:57

I still dont get this about "lovely" areas. Surely its all just rose tinted specs sutff. They are all mostly suburbs with the same thing, i.e houses,streets,roads,public transport and other infrastructure. Everything else is largely superficial and indeed mythical. Go for square footage and VFM all the way in my book. OP have you been up here on Mr Bransons trainset on fact finding missions? If so,how did it go?

O4FS Sat 09-Mar-19 09:17:04

Have a look at Sale Moor

Sparkyduchess Fri 08-Mar-19 23:37:26

Timperley is lovely, but may be out of your price range. Trafford schools, so great whether you want grammar or not.

FloatingthroughSpace Fri 08-Mar-19 23:28:29

Nobody has mentioned Northenden. It's next to Didsbury but less fashionable. It's safe, family friendly, primaries are ok and well placed for new Didsbury secondary school that is opening and seems highly desirable. There are shops, cafes, green spaces etc. Worth a look.

ProlificLurker Fri 08-Mar-19 23:21:18

@NewYoiker that’s lovely. Long may it continue for you.

alliejay81 Fri 08-Mar-19 23:19:51


Manchester, Stockport and Trafford all voted remain.... hmm

NewYoiker Fri 08-Mar-19 23:18:18

@ProlificLurker it's such a lovely area for the first time in my life I'm not thinking about where else we could live

donquixotedelamancha Fri 08-Mar-19 23:16:00

I've never lived anywhere other than London so it's daunting.

Brace yourself OP. You'll have to speak to your neighbours. Strangers may say hello in the street. Chips will not be made of polystyrene. It will cost you half the price to get drunk.

On the down side it rains a lot and you'll meet more brexit supporters :-)

ProlificLurker Fri 08-Mar-19 23:14:09

I have an aunt who lives in the wonderful world of Disley! It is indeed lovely.

I agree with the PP earlier who recommended renting first. Better to spend some time in a temporary home and get to know the area before committing straight away and ending up in the arse end of somewhere.

There are some lovely areas and you will find one that is right for you and your family.

(Also agree that public transport is probably the better option for getting into the city centre - traffic and parking can be difficult. You can get a County Card for use on bus and train for £122 per month)

TokenGinger Fri 08-Mar-19 23:08:38

The new build estate I mentioned is Taylor Wimpey Homes Guide Bridge if you search for it on Google.

They're also building a new housing estate in the centre of Denton, a two minute walk to the shopping centre, by Wainhomes but they've only just purchased the land so I think it'll be probably a year until they're ready, whereas the ones in Guide Bridge are already built/nearing completion.

alliejay81 Fri 08-Mar-19 23:07:40

I've just moved from Cheadle to Cheadle Hulme. Cheadle Hulme has the better high school (it's the best comp in Greater Manchester and does better than a lot of the grammars and independents results wise). It has a train station but the restaurants aren't as good as Cheadle.

£300k would buy you a three bed Semi Cheadle Hulme.

In Cheadle you would struggle to get anything in your price range. Housing stock is either cheaper £250k for a three bed or much more expensive £500k plus for a four bed.

FWIW, years ago I lived in Didsbury, but the house prices are much higher and the schools are much worse. I wouldn't live there unless I wanted to use private schools.

TokenGinger Fri 08-Mar-19 23:06:54

@shouldiorshouldinot Audenshaw is an independent academy. It was an outstanding grammar school and became an academy in its own right. It dropped in ratings on one Ofsted inspection a few years back, but since a change of leadership, it appears to be right back up there again. It's always been a highly sought after school for the boys in the area.

There's a school called Fairfield in Droylsden that's an all girls school which is outstanding which isn't too far away, especially from Audenshaw.

In terms of Denton Community College, I thought that was still Local Authority maintained but I could be wrong. It used to be two separate high schools that merged to become a super school, if you like, for the area.

mightyducks Fri 08-Mar-19 23:04:43

Shouliorshouldinot - no problem, I don’t know if you consider it as you said you wanted to be near Manchester but we moved to Bromley Cross in Bolton, fantastic schools, primary and secondary, Urban feel but near the countryside. Lots of people commute into Manchester on the train which is 25 minutes away from Bromley Cross station , although the train service is patchy bt is improving, slowly! House prices are also very reasonable - you’d get something in your price range

NewYoiker Fri 08-Mar-19 22:58:23

Oh I read further and you don't want rural. Oh well disley is still lovely and I won't live anywhere else now. Butchers, bakery, 5 pubs one of which is called the Malt Disley grin

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 22:56:18

Just looked at Denton on right move, 8'out of 10 local secondary schools are independent??

NewYoiker Fri 08-Mar-19 22:56:06

I live in disley it's lovely! grin--m----isses point of thread-- it's got such a lovely community feel and it actually is a great community

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 22:53:36

Tokenginger first time someone's mentioned Denton, sounds fab in terms of shops etc and new built and price. I just need to research schools.
Thanks for the areas to avoid list too that really helps

TokenGinger Fri 08-Mar-19 22:52:21

That's not to say Denton is comparable to the beautiful areas others have mentioned, but it's definitely a decent enough area with nice houses, good schools, good transport links, plenty of shopping and a nice place to live.

TokenGinger Fri 08-Mar-19 22:47:22

I live in Denton which is a nice area. Audenshaw is next door to us (literally a five minute drive) and is probably more "desirable". I'm a 20 minute drive from Manchester City Centre. There's Guide Bridge train station approx 7 minute drive from me which has trains to Manchester in 9 minutes. They're actually building a new-build estate next to the station right now.

In Denton, we have a big shopping centre - Flannels, New Look, River Island, H&M, TK Maxx, Outfit (Dorothy Perkins, Topshop etc.), H&M, USC and so on. Plenty of parking.

The two main schools in Denton/Audenshaw are Denton Community College and Audenshaw School (which is boys only). Both are rated Good. Finding schools rated Outstanding is quite difficult nowadays.

For £260k, you can get a 4 bedroom detached house in Denton in a desirable area:

For £270k, you can get a 4 bedroom detached house in Audenshaw in a desirable area:

Areas to avoid:

Moss Side
Cheetham Hill

shouldiorshouldinot Fri 08-Mar-19 22:44:50

Mightyducks thank you, but my main priority is schools primary and secondary as my eldest is in year 8 I don't even know if she can try for grammar in that year?? Also in case they don't get into grammar as a back up I'd like to be near great secondary as well as primary schools.

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