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To think I will be able to get these cats into their baskets?

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Movinghouseatlast Thu 07-Mar-19 11:39:25

I'm (finally) moving house on Monday.

We are taking our cats both age 7 with us. Neither have been in a car since being 13 weeks old. They were feral kittens, and I tamed them.

One, who is the most loving cat, I have not managed to pick up EVER. We have had to have vet home visits for their jabs because she turns into a seething mass of muscle if we try to pick her up.

We are moving a 5 hour drive away.

We have a cat valium prescribed. But another vet told us this is bad because she might fight against it and be worse.

I am putting treats in their baskets but they seem to know the basket is bad and wont go near.

I am thinking of paying a vet to get them in the baskets. I don't even know if they would do this.

Also thinking of asking the Cats Protection lady to do it in exchange for a big donation.

All the usual 'wrap them in a towel just don't work with these two. I have always had cats, so I know that their behaviour is off the scale in terms of getting them in the baskets. The vet said one in particular is the most terrified she has ever seen.

iknowimcoming Tue 12-Mar-19 15:58:03

Phew! Well done OP and good luck with the new house thanks

Soubriquet Tue 12-Mar-19 16:08:04

Oh fab.

They always manage to surprise us don’t they

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