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AIBU to not understand why Medela have changed their milk storage bags?

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DrWhy Thu 07-Mar-19 10:07:23

What has happened to their bags?! They used to have a slot at the top of the bag to hang directly on the pump so you pumped into them, took them off then sealed and put in the freezer. The new ones don’t have this, apparently you have to pump into a bottle then decant it! So washing and sterilising a load of bottles that you aren’t actually using! Plus loosing a bit of milk when you decant it. Even if I was feeding directly from bottles my baby doesn’t use the madela ones so I’d have to transfer - total waste of time, effort and milk. Am I missing something?! Is this a ploy by Medela to ensure you use and buy their bottles (once I’m back at work I won’t be able to sterilise the bottles so will probably end up buying 2 or 3 if I have to).
Does anyone have any idea if there is a source of the old style bags at a sensible price? Amazon seem to have them at £15 for 20 bags (rather than £8 for 50 of the new ones) and eBay have them at £5 but with £25 postage!
If anyone has a box hanging about that they aren’t using I will cheerfully buy them from you! I have KIT days coming up and my mum was going to stay at the training centre and I would pop out to feed baby, she now can’t make it and so I’m going to have to use an emergency nursery place and I need to build up a milk stash in the next 2.5 weeks! Sorry - shameless use of AIBU for traffic here blush

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