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AIBU to feel so anxious (work related)

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Wadingthroughshit Wed 06-Mar-19 21:43:59

Hey. I posted last week but had no responses so guessed I could try again.

I'm working in my first job since graduating with a Masters PT, I am a single mother of two young children, I cannot work FT yet, my youngest starts school in August so will look for more hours then.

My role is fixed term. However my role, and another FT role in my department are being made permanent, as well as a permanent FT post in team but same office. There are three of us (on FTC) and 2.5 roles. I know the two as they were on my master's, both work FT.

The other two are going for the FT role in our team now, and my PT role, both are rejecting the other role.

I am contending against two FT employees, literally they have double the experience I have. One is a white single male in his twenties, the other has children also but is married. Both have projects under their belt, they are very competent. I cram my work in, and it takes me weeks to finish projects and the admin. The male colleague told me he had been pulled aside and personally apologised to as this must all be causing him so much anxiety. He has MH issues I think, or at least he's very vocal about going to a counsellor and about how org. Health told him he'd have issues working FT.

I am so anxious, I'm not sleeping. It feels so personal. I don't stand a chance. Am I Being unreasonable?

CoolJule43 Thu 07-Mar-19 07:58:00


I'm sorry you are in this situation. It does seem likely that one of the other two who are going for your role could get it based on their additional experience and competence.

It looks as if it has been suggested that your male co-worker goes for the PT position but maybe just to give him the heads-up that he wouldn't get the FT one.

Could it be that he's not as competent as you believe and they may be preparing him for not getting either role?

Although HR have to go through the process, they are usually fully aware of who they want for roles in these circumstances.

You also knew this was a FTC so perhaps should be on the lookout for other employment as it often doesn't lead to further roles in the same company.

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