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Any experience with Maid2Clean?

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sleepalldays Wed 06-Mar-19 16:35:53

I've applied for a job with them for some extra hours that my work isn't covering atm. I have an interview this coming week and so far all sounds great, I love cleaning so not an issue for me and good pay.

Have any of you used a Maid2Clean cleaner or worked for them?

What was your experience like?

Thanks smile

PS sorry for using AIBU, I wanted quick answers in case it's bad and I have to cancel the interview!

CanIGetaRefund Wed 06-Mar-19 16:39:16

I signed up for a cleaner and was sent two but neither of them lasted more than one clean! I got the impression they had been rather coerced by the Jobcentre into taking the job. You will earn much more money if you work as a self employed cleaner. I pay mine £25 for 2 hours.

Tensixtysix Wed 06-Mar-19 16:39:49

Are you employed by them or self employed?

Tensixtysix Wed 06-Mar-19 16:44:20

I've been a self employed cleaner for four years now and have always found work through
You can build up customers or just keep one or two a week.
The best thing is that the money is yours and it's at least £10 to £15 an hour (depending on your area).
If you do go with the company, make sure there isn't a clause to stop you setting up on your own.
Some larger companies try to stifle the 'competition', but they can never pay a real wage.
Get yourself public liability insurance, won't cost more than £200 a year.

AmIRightOrAMeringue Wed 06-Mar-19 16:46:36

I use them. They just do introductions really - assign you a cleaner and arrange for you to meet them then leave you to it and take a fee. I've used a few cleaners through it, they've mostly been fine though I'm not sure they get any training as each person has cleaned very differently
They do increase the suggested pay for cleaners fairly regularly
It's probably a good way to get into it if you don't have any contacts.

InsomniaTho Wed 06-Mar-19 16:53:49

I used them.

They sent 3 different cleaners.

None lasted past the first clean, because none of them actually cleaned.

Absolute waste of money and the Maid2Clean manager I dealt with with was bloody awful.

sleepalldays Wed 06-Mar-19 16:57:00

@InsomniaTho oh no! What a nightmare! I fully intend to clean really well. I love having a clean home myself.

I like that they find the clients for me and will get me going, but it is counted as being 'self employed'.

I didn't think about starting up cleaning myself actually, I found their ad online it hadn't even occurred to me to do cleaning work until then!

sleepalldays Wed 06-Mar-19 16:58:17

@Tensixtysix They provide insurance. There is a clause that you can't take clients if you leave.

(Not sure how they can stop a client from leaving them and continuing with their cleaner if a cleaner was to become self employed though!)

sleepalldays Wed 06-Mar-19 16:59:44

@CanIGetaRefund ooh that's good money.

I think they pay £8 something an hour which is fine for me, I think it's good as I don't have to pay for insurance or materials and they get the clients for me.

I will keep on with the interview next week then, it sounds like a good option for me atm as I can work around my normal work hours --which they have reduced--angry

Needadoughnut Wed 06-Mar-19 17:02:22

I had a few, they were all okish but disappeared without saying why. Manager (or franchise owner) was awful. Isn't £8 lower that minimum wage?

sleepalldays Wed 06-Mar-19 17:07:30

@Needadoughnut it's more than I get paid atmgrin (I'm 20)

laceysophie Mon 11-Mar-19 22:04:46

I worked for them and I could not wait to leave to get a proper job with rights.
You are classed as self-employed so no holiday pay, no sick pay. If the person cancels which would happen at last minute sometimes, you would not get paid but it’s too late to arrange anything else. They say that the client provides their cleaning stuff but half the time, I ended up taking my own stuff as I got sick of asking for clients to buy things. I got paid £8 per hr. For some reason I was sent jobs further away from home. I did insist nothing more than 10 miles but because they set me up wrong, I got sent jobs up to 15 miles, so I was forced to accept further away. I would recommend not to do any jobs less than 3 hrs and try to keep to less than 10 miles. The fact is I thought I would like it as I liked cleaning, but some people expect you to be a magician. Some people are totally unrealistic about how long it will take to clean their house and they don’t have the right cleaning equipment, or their vacuum cleaner has a short cord so you have to bring an extension otherwise you are unplugging all the time...
I had one that was a big family who expected me to clean for 2 hrs every fortnight 3 adults 3 kids. No way! Another woman with a big house wanted me to clean 3 hrs every week but I would always go over as if I didn’t do everything, she would complain. she expected me to clean her wooden floors with a normal mop which would ruin the floors. If you wanna do cleaning, I suggest putting an advert in the local shop and getting work that way

Good luck!!

sleepalldays Mon 11-Mar-19 23:32:30

@laceysophie that doesn't sound so good! I actually haven't heard back from them since weirdly enough, send in my (good!) references and they haven't contacted me for an interview since.confused

alliejay81 Mon 11-Mar-19 23:35:58

I've used them for years. IME, Lots of people use them for a but then organise to hire the cleaner direct if they like them. Not me though, I'm too honest for my own good hmm

blackteasplease Tue 12-Mar-19 08:47:37

We used them as a customer and I didn't think much. They take a payment from customers monthly for ever but don't really do anything but set you up in the first place. So it feels like very bad value for money. They give the cleaners a contract that means they can't ever ditch the agency and work for the same people for more money (I.e. if you'd rather pay the cleaner more by stopping paying the company you can't) - fairly standard stuff but worth bearing in mind.

Our cleaner through Maid2Clean was often cancelling at the last minute but they never organised a replacement so that wasn't good.

I now use a proper cleaning company which employs it's staff with proper employment rights. Much happier with that ethically as well as from a reliability pov even though they cost alot!

titch82 Thu 03-Oct-19 22:56:57

I’m the same sent of 2 references plus other information they asked for, they said they will book a date to meet for an interview and thats it nothing more

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