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FIL Alzheimer's

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canyoufeedthedog Wed 06-Mar-19 01:04:48

My FIL has been sectioned. Me and H only got to hear of this two days later. FIL has a second wife, H is the only child of first marriage. We are always kept in the dark about FIL care, we have to constantly ask what is happening. This week he has been sectioned into hospital and when asking his wife we were told he's beyond help, he's no longer my husband and she is no longer going to visit. Whilst we understand it's awful for her, me and my Husband, his son, want to be there for him, visit and care for him from now on. Our problem of she will not give up next of kin rights so we cannot have a say in where he goes from here. Our Social Worker just says she's his wife and that's it.

Lovingbenidorm Wed 06-Mar-19 01:19:58

How much contact did you have before it got to the sectioning stage?
Did you know how ill he was?
Do you know what the circumstances were prior to him being hospitalised?
Legally, as his wife, she has the say here.
Have you talked to her?

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