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To ask how I contact mumsnet about an email I received?

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SweetMarmalade Wed 06-Mar-19 00:03:12

Had an email this evening stating I’d been mentioned in a post, the usual email you get from Mumsnet.

Only, I’ve not posted anything on the thread in question and I can’t find where my name has been mentioned?!

Very bizarre.

A glitch maybe?

olderthanyouthink Wed 06-Mar-19 00:03:52

Report your own post here or post in Site Stuff?

ScorpiaForCatra Wed 06-Mar-19 00:05:17

Or go to site stuff and start a thread. smile

SweetMarmalade Wed 06-Mar-19 00:05:27

Thank you, older. Why didn’t I think of that! hmm

SweetMarmalade Wed 06-Mar-19 00:11:32

Thanks, Scorpio.

I’ve reported this thread.

slashlover Wed 06-Mar-19 00:33:31

Have any posts been deleted on the thread?

PyongyangKipperbang Wed 06-Mar-19 00:46:21

I had this once with a previous usename and it was a typo.

So it could be that it was SweetLadyMarmalade (say) that they were trying to reply to, but typed your UN by mistake.

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