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AIBU to think if I Skwd for this it shouldn’t look like this?

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Ahardyfool Tue 05-Mar-19 23:01:30

I wanted a root blur/blend with dark roots and lighter ends. I explained that my hair takes longer to ‘lift’ than any other human known to the hairdressing community and I have achieved a platinum blonde in the past. I now have sandy beige hair which has pretty much the same colour all over. Not a dark root in sight. It’s so awkward as this is a new hairdresser who did a fabulous cut but has now totally ballsed up the colour. Couldn’t see the result as was done at home so no mirror in front of me. She’s not offering to put it right despite me following up by saying it’s not what I wanted. I know it’s only hair but I feel really rotten. We haven’t been able to afford the whole colour and cut for the last 18 months and so this was a treat for me.

Ahardyfool Tue 05-Mar-19 23:04:23

The title should say “if I asked for this...”

Obviously I was wanting the short hair version of the first pic and I am aware that it can take more than one attempt to get the desired blonde but where is my root blend dark root do? Can’t afford to pay to have it put right and it isn’t even woolly hat weather.

Ahardyfool Wed 06-Mar-19 08:13:29

Regardless of whether I’m being u reasonable or not, does anyone have any suggestions on how best to correct this awfulness? Please? #desperate

DisplayPurposesOnly Wed 06-Mar-19 08:20:55

I know it's not what you wanted but it does look lovely (cut and colour) so don't go talking about woolly hats!

raffle Wed 06-Mar-19 08:23:55

No need to feel desperate, as pp said, it’s really really lovely

trendingorange Wed 06-Mar-19 08:59:44

I think your hair looks nice.
I think hairdressers are in a difficult position if you take in a photo of a model and ask to look like them (I do this too) and are disappointed that you aren't radically transformed into someone else.

Ahardyfool Wed 06-Mar-19 09:03:30

Thanks for cheering me up smile. The colour I wanted is not dissimilar to how I’ve had it before so I guess I’m extra disappointed that I now have rather sandy coloured hair. Will ask what would be needed to at least get it a bit more creamy with the blended roots I was after as I don’t want to make it worse...

Hahaha88 Wed 06-Mar-19 09:06:56

I think the colour you were before is relevant too, I mean if you were light brown I'd expect it to be lighter but if it was dark then I think there wasn't any hope of it going that colour. I appreciate you had it done at home but surely you have a mirror in your house? I think it's important to say at the time if you aren't happy. I'm sorry you don't like it but I think yabu to expect her to come back out and give you another appt for free when she could have tried to rectify it at the time. If if helps I think it looks really nice and much better than the look you wanted

ErickBroch Wed 06-Mar-19 09:10:24

The damage to your hair to do that in one sitting would be awful. The amount of bleach and toners would dry it out. She should have told you this.

Piffle11 Wed 06-Mar-19 09:14:41

I think your hair looks lovely. I do think that hair dressers must have a difficult time trying to match clients' expectations, although yes, it doesn't look like the pic … but wouldn't the length difference make it look vastly different anyway? The first pic, the amount of dark bit from the root downwards, you wouldn't be able to have that much due to your hair being shorter, so it would look quite a bit different anyway? I'm not trying to be awkward, I don't colour my hair and am not sure if you were wanting that amount of dark anyway. My old hair dresser always advised me to try and find a picture that matched my natural colour, length/style, and preferably hair type too. My hair is fine and dark and was always taking in short styles of blonde thick hair!

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 06-Mar-19 09:27:10

I can understand not being able to get enough lift for the platinum, but she clearly hasn't done the root shadow properly - it's non existent! Did she actually use a different colour at the root?

Malibucyprus Wed 06-Mar-19 09:31:46

Try putting a toner on it, some goods ones available from Boots and easy to do at home. It’ll lift bronze/yellow.

Or wash with a good quality silver shampoo.

It still won’t be platinum blonde, that’ll take months to achieve (if you wanna avoid damaging the hair) but it may lighten it for you.

GingerFoxInAT0phat Wed 06-Mar-19 09:40:09

Did she apply any kind of colour to your roots? Can’t you go to another hairdresser? It looks like all it really needs is a decent toner and a darker colour added for the root stretch.

Is she a new hairdresser to you, or newly qualified?

You need to find a hairdresser with experience but also keeps up to date with training. Hair colouring has changed so much in the last few years.

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