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To ask about chickenpox in eyes...

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tumtitum Tue 05-Mar-19 22:23:44

DD is six months and has chicken pox. She is just starting to get to the scabbing stage. She has a spot on her lower lid which we had checked out and she has some cream for her eye. Yesterday a new spot appeared under her upper lid and this evening it burst. It didn't appear to irritate her when it burst but since trying to put her to bed she has become really upset and her eye is clearly bothering her as she keeps rubbing at it (just that one so it's not tired eye rubbing and she usually rubs her ears when tired). She's had calpol which hasn't helped. I'm going to ring the GP in the morning to ask if I can give her some Piriton. Any other suggestions for how to soothe her eye and let her get some sleep?? Thanks!

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