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to constantly stress about my son's development?

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audens Tue 05-Mar-19 18:05:33

I always told myself I would go with the flow, but he had iugr and us still very small. He's nearly 5 months but still can't roll or even try. I'm worried he's going to be behind or struggle with certain things even though I have no evidence of this. It's more of an irrational fear I have.

Can anyone help me to stop worrying about it?

StillMedusa Tue 05-Mar-19 18:30:19

Can't stop you worrying, but I can tell you , chances are when he's 1, or 2 or 20 you won't care (or remember) whether he was slow to roll etc. Honestly! Your baby has some catching up to do with his growing, and that's going to take time and energy.Can he hold his head ok? Does he smile?
Late milestones are just that..late.. and while it's worrying, especially if he's your first... he has plenty of time to catch up.

One of mine walked at 9 months., one of my others didn't roll till 9 months, or walk til 2 and a half. ..he had some problems. You can't tell which is which now! Hang in there...

Wallsbangers Tue 05-Mar-19 18:43:46

Development takes place at its own speed and it's not linear so just because they're not rolling at X date doesn't meant they're not going to be clapping by y date. I'm guilty of late night obsessive googling but you just have to try and relax.

And when they do start moving around you realise how easy life was before!

minionsrule Tue 05-Mar-19 19:22:18

I used to obsess with the Bounty books around milestone..... best thing i ever did was get rid of them.
Rolling was one of my bug bears.... tbh ds barely did it, however he did manage to roll himself off the double bed one day from the middle when he had barely half rolled before confused.
Every child is different and do things at different ages, unless he is very far behind in everything i wouldn't worry.

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