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So the devil is here tempting you. What has he in his hand?

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Litluts Tue 05-Mar-19 14:29:31

Whatever it is, you better eat it quick, as it's the last you'll see of it for 40 days and 40 nights.

What are you giving up for Lent? grin

AnneLovesGilbert Tue 05-Mar-19 14:50:10

Cambazola has Pinot noir

AnneLovesGilbert Tue 05-Mar-19 14:50:20


ShirleyPhallus Tue 05-Mar-19 14:51:12

Thinking about alcohol

Anyone done this?

Hushnownobodycares Tue 05-Mar-19 14:53:39


Ex church goer and been conned into giving up enough of life's pleasures to cover a lifetime's worth of Lents.

nrpmum Tue 05-Mar-19 14:55:47

Nothing here too, don't believe in that bollacks

scaryteacher Tue 05-Mar-19 14:58:28


I might try to give up chocolate, but they sell such lovely little Easter eggs loose here in Belgium, and I've just bought a shed load of chocolate back from Vienna.....

BaronessBomburst Tue 05-Mar-19 14:59:10

Nothing, but my work colleagues and several friends have all commented that I have no resistance to cheese.

Crunchymum Tue 05-Mar-19 15:00:04

Rioja and Kettle Chips.

Litluts Tue 05-Mar-19 15:09:24


UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername Tue 05-Mar-19 15:27:06

Chocolate. Nothing to do with Lent though, I'm an atheist; it's because I'm on a LCHF diet.

Atalune Tue 05-Mar-19 15:29:51


edwinbear Tue 05-Mar-19 15:31:01

Alcohol - do it most years and always feel great for it.

9 yr old DS is giving up school apparently and DD (7) is giving up the IPad.....hmm

bellinisurge Tue 05-Mar-19 15:32:32

Class A drugs and scuba diving.

BlueMerchant Tue 05-Mar-19 15:34:29


Nesssie Tue 05-Mar-19 15:40:44

Takeaways/buying lunch out. Going to try and make health pack lunches and save money.

bellinisurge Tue 05-Mar-19 15:40:45

I figured I could offer my dismay at Brexit up to Jesus to cover it. I'm a Catholic- we fudge it after a bit .

FriarTuck Tue 05-Mar-19 15:45:26

Calories. I'm counting from tomorrow.

TemporaryPermanent Tue 05-Mar-19 15:48:37

Restraint and maturity. Just messaged another hot looking guy off* because I feel like some attention.

*name changed to protect my blushes

Stabbitha Tue 05-Mar-19 15:50:45

Spending money

Mydollymolly Tue 05-Mar-19 15:53:52

I did ask my boss if I could give up work for 40 days of lent. His answer wasn't very Christian like I must say.

WhatisFreddoingnow Tue 05-Mar-19 15:56:53

Pray - An hour of Adoration every week.
Fast - Chocolate and properly fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday unlike last year's brunch fiasco
Charity - Make a point of doing some kind of good deed for someone somewhere everyday

Woooo! Love Easter.

Prymatt Tue 05-Mar-19 16:04:35

Instead of giving up i'm going to try to do something positive, 30 min exercise everyday and put aside for charity or de-clutter an item everyday.

flitwit99 Tue 05-Mar-19 16:05:23

A jar of Nutella and a teaspoon

CigarsofthePharoahs Tue 05-Mar-19 16:11:06

Biscuits. In particular chocolate malted milks or custard creams.
Actually I should probably just say all high gi carbohydrates. I'm a sugar fiend.
Thankfully not being Roman Catholic I can gorge without the guilt.

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