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To completely lose my shit at these teenagers?

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BreastSideStory Tue 05-Mar-19 12:36:54

I’m a mature postgrad student studying a full time masters whilst also working.
I’ve booked a few days off work so I can complete 2 assignments which are due in next week.
I’m sat in a “quiet zone” pod in the university library and there is a group of inconsiderate teenage students crammed into the pod next to me and using it as a fucking social area.
I’m trying to study but all I can hear is them waffling on about absolute shit really fucking loudly.

The security guard has already been over to ask them to move from the pod (they’re meant to be for one person only) and to keep the noise down.

I’d have no issue if they were doing group work and discussing quietly... but they’re currently discussing the Kardashians at top volume and being rude twats.

I’ve asked them nicely to keep it down. I’m about to go nuclear angry

RiverTam Tue 05-Mar-19 13:24:11

read the update, people, read the update...

BreastSideStory Tue 05-Mar-19 13:24:37

@Grumpelstilskin from what I gathered they met a few weeks ago, she’s also a student here, she’s got “thick” (I hope he means she’s got shapely legs/bum and not insulting the poor girl’s intelligence) and he’s seeing her and his weekend. He hasn’t “banged” her yet but he’s going to give her the —most disappointing— best time when he does

BreastSideStory Tue 05-Mar-19 13:24:57

Arghh strike out fail... why does it never work for me 😂

AutumnCrow Tue 05-Mar-19 13:29:07

God I hope that wasn't my DS.

BreastSideStory Tue 05-Mar-19 13:33:16

@AutumnCrow is your son an Asian Aston Villa fan?

Margot33 Tue 05-Mar-19 13:35:03

Haha I love it! Well done! That lad will be wasting his day, wondering if you do know Lucy?!

AutumnCrow Tue 05-Mar-19 13:36:38

No he's a Newcastle supporter. Relief!

DuckbilledSplatterPuff Tue 05-Mar-19 13:39:01

Ha Ha. He probably had no idea he was transmitting his convo so clearly. No wonder he went red.. Nice one.

downcasteyes Tue 05-Mar-19 13:44:43

This made me laugh.

It never fails to amaze me how some students think that knowledge will flood into their minds via osmosis provided they are sitting in the library. Doesn't matter if they're doing nothing, it will just miraculously flood in.

I don't really understand it. If they pulled their shit together and worked for a solid 3-4 hours, they could have the rest of the day off and go sit in the glorious sunny park.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Tue 05-Mar-19 13:58:41

Down they probably go home and reply to questions from parents about studying, "I was in the library for hours!" Yes, yes you were. grin

Ragwort Tue 05-Mar-19 14:04:53

down, somewhat embarrassed to remember my own uni days, I really though that by sitting in the library idly doing nothing it would count as ‘studying’ blush, my own DS is about to go to uni now & I just hope he has a better work ethic than I did.

CuriousaboutSamphire Tue 05-Mar-19 14:08:55

I was a mature student, many moons ago.

Whenever I went into the library there was a noticeable murmer and people would move around and settle down.

Librarian told me that the noisy students would be moving away from me and the quiet ones towards wherever I had put my bag. That happened even if I wasn't in the quiet room.

Turned out I was famous for having given a group of The Hot Boys and Mean Girls a total dressing down for ruining my quiet study, pissing their education up a wall and acting like spoiled brats! Apparently I finsihed my diatribe, sat in the middle of their huddle with my headphones on at full blast and totally ignored them thereafter.

My only memory is of being highly irritated at a gorup of noisy kids and hissing at them to piss off grin

So use the Power of Mature and have at 'em every single bloody time smile

Tinty Tue 05-Mar-19 14:16:20

OP Tell the girls that in actual fact you do know Lucy and will be informing her of the whole conversation. Tell them to relay this to Twat boy, and tell them to tell him to treat her with a lot more respect.
Ask them if they would like their boyfriends talking about them like that.
Bloody rude teenagers.

BreastSideStory Tue 05-Mar-19 14:21:44

I was a decent undergrad, I socialised in the SU (a hell of a lot) and then cram studied in panic the day before an exam 😂

BreastSideStory Tue 05-Mar-19 14:23:01

@Tinty I’m tempted to walk past them on my phone and say
“Hi Lucy darling, it’s mum. Did you get your outfit for the gig on Saturday? Are you excited for your date? I think I met someone who knows you earlier”

InsomniaTho Tue 05-Mar-19 14:24:50

Also a mature student. Undergrad.

The librarians here go nuts at people who chatter in quiet zones grin I take great joy in watching them.

DaiStation Tue 05-Mar-19 14:26:23

Academic here, saluting you across cyberspace. This is one of the many, many reasons we adore mature students.

BlankTimes Tue 05-Mar-19 14:33:48

*I’m tempted to walk past them on my phone and say
“Hi Lucy darling, it’s mum. Did you get your outfit for the gig on Saturday? Are you excited for your date? I think I met someone who knows you earlier”*


MarieIVanArkleStinks Tue 05-Mar-19 14:34:32

Glad you did it. I've done this before too, and got a round of applause from other people who were trying to work in the library!

Mummyoflittledragon Tue 05-Mar-19 14:35:47

This thread is ace op. Good on you!

Tinty Tue 05-Mar-19 14:38:29


Do it, Do it, Do it. grin

AJPTaylor Tue 05-Mar-19 14:48:46

Now you have sorted it. GET off mumsnet and write the feckin thing.

OldGreyBoots Tue 05-Mar-19 14:59:09

For what it's worth I'm a non-mature student and I hate them too grin

Andylion Tue 05-Mar-19 15:14:54

You need to approach someone other than a security guard who works in the library and ask them to remove the group.

At my library it is the security guard's job to deal with this.

Grumpelstilskin Tue 05-Mar-19 18:53:30

Hahahaha, deffo pretend to be Lucy's mum!

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