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To feel annoyed and completely lost (autism)

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HJWT Mon 04-Mar-19 15:50:00

Its been almost a year since I took DD to the doctors worried about her speech, she was referred to paediatrician and saw PORTAGE & had speech therapy (4 sessions) I was also advised to put her in nursery so I did in January 2 mornings a week, the paediatrician said she was 75% sure my DD isn't autistic (from meeting her once, may I add) she was supposed to send a follow up app for feb and never did.

So fast forward to this week iv taken DD to the doctors because she keeps 'squinting' and its been happening for a few weeks, now my (brilliant) doctor has said she thinks its behavioural and has referred back to paediatrician, so my DD is 2.5, cant put a sentence together but has lots of words (nursery says she doesn't speak) , jumps up & down, doesn't interact with other children regularly and now 'squints'

AIBU to be pissed of at the system, my DD has been 'in the system' for 10 months and iv got no were to just be referred back to the paediatrician!!

Doubletrouble99 Mon 04-Mar-19 16:34:46

Perhaps it's a bit early days to give an accurate Autism diagnosis. I don't remember squinting being an indication of ASD but that might be because our DD didn't do it.
I'm afraid the system can be very slow depending on the area you are in, it can actually take years to get an ASD diagnosis.
I would follow up the Peads. appt. you were promised for Feb. call the Con's Sec. and explain.
Good luck

Home77 Mon 04-Mar-19 16:50:17

Sometimes a language delay can cause this problems, we had that with DS, he went to speech therapy and things improved as he learned to talk. have not heard of squint being related to autism. Maybe different things going on?

HJWT Mon 04-Mar-19 16:58:40

@Home77 she didn't say it directly linked to autism just a behavioural thing ? 🧐 I personally don't think she has autism but she does show signs of it which doesn't help when you're trying to get answers for the problems. she had speech therapy and was discharged but she can't even put a sentence together so I don't know how that was helpfull🙁

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