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*TMI ALERT* is this normal?

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sadkoala Mon 04-Mar-19 13:34:56

Posting here for traffic.
I'm not sure if I should be concerned about this.

My last period started around the 13th of Feb so finished around 18/19th (I'm never particularly regular so never check the exact dates).

Last week I was quite ill, weak and feverish (no cough/runny nose), my whole body ached for the first 2 days and it lasted about 4 days in total before I begun to feel myself again.

I now seem to have started another period???? I have cramps and bleeding - there's some fresh blood with tiny black bits in around the size of grains of sand. There is also what seems to be a lot of old (black and thick) blood and it's not really my normal flow. My pad isn't collecting that much but there is just a bit of fresh blood and old blood and when I wipe it's more watered down and pinky.

Is it normal to have a period so quickly after my last one ended? Could it be something to do with being ill?

Apologies for TMI but I feel a bit unsure.

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