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Can I report this car

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B3ck89 Mon 04-Mar-19 10:19:16

Since I moved in a year and a half ago I haven’t seen this car move outside my house (we don’t have designated parking)
It don’t have insurance and is still taxed till next year. Mot due to run out in a few days though.
The car don’t get used, the inside and all seats have green mould 🤢 the car inside and out is disgusting. Residents struggle parking here, yet this car has had this space for goodness knows how long with no intention of moving it.
Can I report it to the police once the mot has ran out?
I don’t know who the owner is either so I can’t speak with him/her

Nesssie Mon 04-Mar-19 10:27:58

You can report it to your local council as an abandoned vehicle. They can contact the owner. If it is taxed then they can't make the owner move it but they can ask.

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